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  • Ebrake. 4 years ago

    dp yugioh thanks for the build! 😀 But…. now the price is gonna go up because of this video ;~;. Don't worry tho i'll get the cards(Hopefully).

  • Dan Savage 4 years ago

    Your deck profiles are the best, Drew!

  • {OCG] EMEKA 4 years ago

    Which format would you rather have? OCG or TCG, (this includes OCG having Kaijus and Kozmos) and if so why?

  • trolljanhorse 4 years ago

    I might actually play this deck looks interesting.

  • Droitzel Glaedr 4 years ago

    I have to admit, I'm incredibly happy to have that sound clip now, but I really, honestly was hoping that you were going to say that it was YOU who said "F*ck yooooooou~", because I thought that'd be SO badass. You oughta give it a shot though; your voice could handle it.

  • Jose Daniel Ortega Barahona 4 years ago

    would you play a deck because it is fun or because it is meta?

  • Bag of Trixx 4 years ago

    Is poison of the old man too slow for this deck? I feel like that card actually has a lot of use in this deck.

  • TheMalcomrj 4 years ago

    i couldn't find the "F*ck you" sound video, could you give us a link to it???

  • personwhoiam 4 years ago

    Have you thought about streaming on Twitch or YouTube?

  • FrostbitePony 4 years ago

    Just tried this exact build.

    Not exactly fair for my opponent (played Monarchs).

    Ended with 20,500 LP to 0.

    Send help

  • Zeinbergess 4 years ago

    Another excellent vid.

  • Falcon001full 4 years ago

    What other card game do you play other than yugi

  • kenny( ・ワ・ )凸 4 years ago

    Where is the "everything .. EVERYTHING!" from ? LOL

  • Azthetics 4 years ago

    Your opinion on overall game, what's ban worthy?

  • bulbasaur15 4 years ago

    #001 Ask a black Yugioh dude was brought to you by (some random card) and (another random card)

  • maxacorn 4 years ago

    do you eat hamburgers? (dont know your dietary preferences so i had to ask this first). if so, what's your favorite burger joints to eat at?

  • Edoro976 4 years ago

    Appreciate the 3-4 hours man I really dug this video and how you did the deck profile

  • Draggo Kai 4 years ago

    Do you think the HERO's(Elemental/Masked) need more support?

  • DJAizakku 4 years ago

    That was the quickest "Fuck Yeah" I've heard. haha

    Your theory of the deck is pretty good, people sleep on Cananga… that 500 ATK decrease + Aroma Garden is a solid 1K ATK difference (that can stack with each Cananga on board plus the stacking of Aroma Garden making it a possible 3K ATK difference at least for one turn). I feel like you're gonna have to play one Bergamot just for the extra name… and you can just up yourself with 2.4K LP with Angelica, essentially making Scolding's LP Cost as insignificant as possible and increasing the playability of Dried Wind's second effect… making it an option at most. Since you're playing Card of Demise, getting rid of Bergamot should be pretty easy.

  • Anime Ruler 4 years ago

    if u could make a game mechanic wat would it be and how would it play? example: vanguard with corresponding zone. pls answer in a vid it would be awesome!

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