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  • John Uscian 6 years ago

    This is a very nicely filmed and narrated piece on the Welwitschia plant.
    Nice close-ups of the insects as the details are shown very well here. Some
    of the Welwitschia shots with the desert background are especially

  • Uziel L. 6 years ago

    Such a beautiful harmony

  • AndrosForever 6 years ago

    male and female plants?

  • They have found some tree that’s around 10000 years old

  • Blundergus 6 years ago

    Excellent video, great shots and very informative. Thank you!

  • hoogreg 6 years ago

    No, it’s call Malbolgia after the character in Spawn.

  • Hannah Constantineau 6 years ago

    i hate this good goin

  • Patrick Heron 6 years ago

    Very informative. Thanks.

  • Piera Yerkes 6 years ago

    this is still cool tho

  • Universal Mastery 6 years ago

    @spetcal hate? what?? i can’t follow you

  • Damon Leary 6 years ago

    @PaXx what is your source?

  • orangedac 6 years ago

    oldest plant in the world (oldest tree) is the white bristlecone pine in
    the US its called mathusela and its 5000+ years old

  • Blender332 6 years ago

    The oldest plant is actually a colonial quaking aspen in Utah. It’s 80,000
    years old.

  • @damonnleary wikipedia @ List_of_oldest_trees

  • Universal Mastery 6 years ago

    looks… beautiful. somehow

  • Piera Yerkes 6 years ago

    man talks slowly in the namibian desert.

  • Hannah Constantineau 6 years ago

    i hate this

  • ratdavid9 6 years ago