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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Antiques Roadshow US 2020, Desert Botanical Garden, Hour 1 Sep 22, 2020 Full Episodes #Antiques #Roadshow: Long-running family series in which experts invite members of the public to bring along their antiques for examination and valuation. First episode date: January 9, 1997 Network: Public Broadcasting Service Program creator: BBC Television Executive producers: Marsha Bemko, Sam Farrell, Jill Giles, Adam Monahan, Sarah Elliot Thank you for visiting our channel. We hope you have a pleasant time watching the video. Remember to subscribe to my channel: . Do not forget to like, share and comment video. Video Rating: / 5


  • R Muhammad 3 weeks ago

    Bear looks angry

  • rictus grin 3 weeks ago

    5:30 – sheesh . . . the face on that bear is just creepy . . . such a sinister and stern look to the eyes.

  • Adam Adams 3 weeks ago

    Holy crap magic cards,wtf!

  • Sue Rasley 3 weeks ago

    Did he really say what I think he did at 12:56? ROFL

  • beast shawnee 3 weeks ago

    fake moon walk pictures! Neil was a pawn who was never comfortable with his lies. Unlike some of the others…

  • Jason Collins 3 weeks ago

    Where's the provenance for the Jordan and Bogart autographs? Surely almost anyone would recognize that that crude-looking box is not Tiffany.

  • O V H 3 weeks ago

    I don't think it is a compact. A compact would have a mirror on the inside. Compacts also "click" when closed. You wouldn't want a compact to flop open in ur handbag and get powder on everything. i think it was for calling cards / business cards.

  • Christophe Capeau 2 weeks ago

    the real genius of this show is that it results in less people throwing potentially valuable things away with the garbage and/or people being more careful with old objects.

  • Zack Evans 2 weeks ago

    Stratosphere violin… smh.

  • Jillian Appelbaum 2 weeks ago

    Did mark wahlberg retire? Haven’t seen or heard him in any of this new season’s episodes

  • poptart6662012 2 weeks ago

    sell those cards now while the game is still popular. i bet their value will only decrease.

  • Hugh Winterbottom 2 weeks ago

    I am from Manchester UK and I am an avid watcher of antiques Roadshow over here. And I have just started watching your American version it’s a bit different but I enjoyed immensely I especially like The native American artefacts and the American oil painters.

  • Paula Shelton 2 weeks ago

    How could she think that the Tiffany lamp was ugly? It is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Guttormur Thorfinnsson 2 weeks ago

    no bears in Iceland but Ursus Marinus, = See bear. Polarbear. thanks for good tv.

  • Berlieanna Palmer 2 weeks ago

    Thus was a fun show

  • Berlieanna Palmer 2 weeks ago

    Colection.get it stay cool mom

  • Berlieanna Palmer 2 weeks ago

    Cards are 10

  • Berlieanna Palmer 2 weeks ago


  • Berlieanna Palmer 2 weeks ago


  • Berlieanna Palmer 2 weeks ago

    Ive seen one on old episod of ARS i think. Its real.3 5 yrs ago in the uk.

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