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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Antiques Roadshow US 2020, Desert Botanical Garden, Hour 3 Sep 23, 2020 Full Episodes #Antiques #Roadshow: Long-running family series in which experts invite members of the public to bring along their antiques for examination and valuation. First episode date: January 9, 1997 Network: Public Broadcasting Service Program creator: BBC Television Executive producers: Marsha Bemko, Sam Farrell, Jill Giles, Adam Monahan, Sarah Elliot Thank you for visiting our channel. We hope you have a pleasant time watching the video. Remember to subscribe to my channel: . Do not forget to like, share and comment video.


  • Bob England 3 weeks ago

    2020 and we still cant sync sound with video

  • Jason Collins 3 weeks ago

    The war journal is one of the best things I've ever seen on ARS.

  • Brian Smith 3 weeks ago

    That journal should be professionally preserved

  • Michaela Carmen B 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for calling them CACTUSES !!! Cactus is a Greek word, not latin, and the plural is NOT cacti…. Calling them cacti is an excess of correctitude – combined with a dose of ignorance….

  • Cactuses???

  • Willy T 3 weeks ago

    The music at the end is obnoxious. Is there also a reason its loud as shit and give minutes long? I refuse to subscribe solely because of the music, and I'll be looking for AR on other channels because of it too.

  • Sue Castillo 3 weeks ago

    Ya… you gotta get rid of that AWFUL music at the very very end…

  • Steven Cain 3 weeks ago

    I learn alot about history watching.

  • boo buu 3 weeks ago

    the long obnoxious ending credits make me reluctant to hit the like button even though I like Antiques Roadshow

  • YolandaBellyDance 3 weeks ago

    Love the setting. Lovely shots of the grounds.

  • Marg Kropf 3 weeks ago

    No one gives a rat's ass about someone who doesn't like outdoor shows. What a useless comment.

  • Eldonn Parks 3 weeks ago

    I don't like the music at the end.

  • Paul Francis 3 weeks ago

    I don't go for these outdoor shows.

  • William Jubb 3rd 3 weeks ago

    Antiques Broadshow….where are all of the old gals?

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