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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In this video you will see James Findley, professional aquascaper and founder of The Green Machine, planting one of the large display tanks that are in The Green Machine’s showroom. During this video you will see how James chose and positioned the hardscape, the planting techniques he used, and the sources of his inspiration. Timecode Events: 06:30 Hardscape begins – TGM Fossilised Wood 20:29 TGM Substrate Supports added to gain height in substrate 24:25 Aquarium filled with water 25:10 Hardscape finished, 360

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  • SpiritBear12 4 years ago

    That's the biggest pair of tweezers I've ever seen! Obviously quite handy though.?

  • Juan Sagarra 4 years ago

    the planting tip around 28:00 is brilliant, I wish it could be applied to other things likes relationships, or children… hm.?

  • Jordan Post 4 years ago

    A pop filter would be nice.?

  • Lucas Nunes 4 years ago

    You have no idea how much I loved it!?

  • Seb 4 4 years ago

    reinecki mini NEVERRRRRR red like that in real life very sad :(?

  • Mike Ben 4 years ago

    his poor back :(?

  • bagus hr 4 years ago


  • Najkstory FishFever 4 years ago

    most beautiful aquarium tank i have ever seen in my life! thats a BEAST!?

  • Dean MacBain 4 years ago

    Looks like a small downtown in The Northern Midwest?

  • thetheflyinghawaiian 4 years ago

    Classy choice of fish. I love having large schools of small fish to make the aquarium seem larger.?

  • Ben Dover 4 years ago

    Beautiful tank, but what happens when one of those small fish die? How do you find it in such a large tank??

  • jun kit low 4 years ago

    no filter needed??

  • Aqua'Nico 4 years ago

    Great job … Well done !?

  • Cantatos 4 years ago

    So you basically need a great understanding of aquarium plants and good imagination to aqua scape. While the tanks looks good I'm not blown away by it, it looks too organised and not natural at all.?

  • danushka pardeep 4 years ago

    wow!this is fantastic?

  • 2coolcats1 4 years ago

    Glass or acrylic??

  • ThePaul1307 4 years ago

    Where do they get the petrified wood? It's illegal to gather it in any US National Parks. Is there fossilized wood available elsewhere in the world that is legal to collect??

  • Lhin Doh 4 years ago

    Absolutely sensational! I cant stop looking and its an instant sell.?

  • Nat?_? 4 years ago

    Well done! A real masterpiece ??

  • colo5093 4 years ago

    Hola que tal. Quer