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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Watch more travel films and tutorials, subscribe — I need to say a very big “Thank You” to Chris of Epic Adventure Rides. He dedicated two days of his time to helping us film around Page, Arizona. Many of the shots you see in this video would not have been possible without his help. If you’re in Page, I highly recommend reaching out to him and going on an Epic Adventure: For our 12th video in our Blank by Drone series, we bring you to the dramatic landscapes of Arizona! It has been almost a year and a half since our last Blank by Drone video, but we’re happy we FINALLY got around to editing this one. We filmed this on the tail end of our 14-month RV trip around the country. We were driving from California back to Maryland, and spent about a week in Arizona. It is such a beautiful state, and we were able to witness some pretty dramatic weather during our time there as well. If you have the opportunity to travel to Arizona, you should do it! Make sure you give yourself enough time to take it in and enjoy it. ————————————— Here’s the equipment used for this video: Drone – DJI Inspire 1 Raw – Camera – Panasonic GH4 – Lens – Lumix 7mm-14mm – And here’s a thorough list of the equipment I use for my filmmaking: These are Amazon Associate links. If you’re interested in buying some of this equipment, following these links and buying from there won’t cost you anything extra, but will allow me to receive a small commission, giving me the opportunity to continue making creative videos. Video Rating: / 5


Desert landscaping




  • Bobby Tucker 1 year ago

    Such stunning beauty, the desert, the mountains, all in 4k, this reminds me so much of when I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, we rode our big motorcycles out in these areas and I didn't take a camera with me. Back in the early 80s, we didn't have the smartphones and the likes. Beautiful scenery, the music is so 'soothing' too. Thank's for sharing.

  • TaylorEqualsRandom 1 year ago

    you guys showed my old home of page!

  • HDVisions 1 year ago


  • Jon Philipp 1 year ago

    could I use this in a short music video?

  • King Julian 1 year ago

    Beautify video and footage. Makes me appreciate my home state much more 🙂

  • Gohot229 1 year ago

    Might ought'a look for Kincaid's cave

  • nicole cordeiro 1 year ago

    How did you get Horseshoe Bend? Thought it was off limits. It’s a gorgeous video!

  • Drone & Video -AZ. 1 year ago

    Great video…wtg

  • ツGhostツ 1 year ago

    0:03 I think that’s monument valley.
    0:16 horseshoe bend
    1:00 antelope canyon
    1:36 lake powell
    all these other towns I dont know except for Holbrook and Marble Canyon and Page.
    And all of these are Northern Arizona
    You should have did the white mountains and Northern Arizona together, but that will take a long time. :p

  • Mathew Tarasiewicz 1 year ago

    This is AWESOME! I have a question I hope you could answer for me. What do you think about using warp stabilizer for smooth shots and how do you get your color grading so perfect? I couldn't find a grainy shadow in a single clip. Thanks in advance!

  • Henrik Larsson 1 year ago

    That shot at 2:24 was breathaking!

  • Plant Lover's Diary 1 year ago

    Amazing video of Arizona! I've been to Arizona once and was captivated by its beauty. I actually created a slideshow video of the pictures I got from my travel that highlights the plants and cactuses which I've seen mostly at the desert botanical garden. You can all check it out here:

  • Andrew Crocker 1 year ago

    The US is a great country and a great land! Love the Cascades a little more than I love the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada though.

  • Ophelia Valentine 1 year ago

    Wish you included a little more of the alpine part of the state. Either the Flagstaff ponderosa pines or the white mountains. A bit more of the south desert too. It would have also been perfect if Havasupai Falls and it’s creek were included. Anyways, great video it’s one of my favorites.

  • William Lester 1 year ago

    Very good representation of Northern Arizona. I think it would be impossible to try and cover the whole state, but you did a great job of highlighting some of my favorite parts.

  • Larry Wasan 1 year ago

    Great video. Where is that white church located? Beautiful!

  • Aerial Aperture DPS 1 year ago

    Please contact me about using some clips from your video in small internet site featuring Arizona

  • Melanie Griesemer 1 year ago

    This is INCREDIBLE!! You captured Arizona so beautifully, I am mesmerized.

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