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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Aloha everyone! New goodies from Arizona and California! What do you think about todays haul? Stay tune for a PWJ episode! Hope this inspires you to style more green in your space! Subscribe to my channel and let’s talk plants! Aloha, Jewelyn IG: @plantingwithjewelyn @_ilovejewelyn Business email: If you would like your business featured on my channel please reach out to me! http://www.twitter/com/ilovejewelyn (vlog channel) shop my closets!!! my online closets: Mercari: jewel_of_hawaii Poshmark: jewel_of_hawaii Etsy: jewelofhawaii eBay: 808bellydancer808 My Amazon store: Video Rating: / 5


  • Reyna Boyle 11 months ago

    I had never seen a crasula that big . Like it lots.

  • Janie Harvey 11 months ago

    Very nice haul! Love them all-nice & big! I’ve never seen the echeveria before. Love your free bear paw-so cute & such a nice size!

  • Adam Hein 11 months ago

    Cool video. Love your plants.
    However Kalanchoe is pronounced Kal-un-koe-ee. Not Kal-on-choe

  • geko conner 11 months ago

    How did u get the bear paw plant for free?

  • Peggy Lee 11 months ago

    I really love the crassula — never saw one that large. You got a great deal!

  • Abby Mina 11 months ago

    Omg. Bear paws as a free plant! Heck yah. I have yet to get one of those babies.

  • childofyah 11 months ago

    Beautiful, what's the name of #1?

  • Nuri Blaque 11 months ago

    All of the plants are very nice and big. I never seen the rugsby plant, and the free plant is adorable. Good prices for that size.

  • Julie Martinez 11 months ago

    Great deal I love the free plant

  • Jane Widgery 11 months ago

    Fantastic plant haul, I asked yesterday when i whatched the " come shop" did you asked how do they grow them SO big?
    The bears paw is SO cute, i have a plant which looks like a small cutting compared to yours! Plant on…

  • Debi Hediger 11 months ago

    Fun cute pots! WOW…big plants too.

  • Sonya Gonzales Isom 11 months ago

    Lucky you, too get that freebie!

  • Brenda Rutz 11 months ago

    I love those pots! I have those plants but nothing as big or as great looking. Great buy!

  • Eva Parker 11 months ago

    Cool plants

  • Plants and flowers 11 months ago

    Love you and your video

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