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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote yesterday was a day of learning going out with the pro’s to watch how coyote hunting was done right i watched and learned every move every call ect we had two yotes come up on us but missed the shots… so today i figured ill go out and give every thing i learned a shot i set i called i left my first stand in 15mins with nothing.. 2nd stand i set i called nothing for 20mins… 3rd stand i set i change my call to a howl and barks i heard and seen nothing left that stand and headed for the jeep.. i smoked a cig ate a sandwich and headed off down the wash off roading i seen a flat land and figured id call there i then seen a yote about 100yrds out i think it was headed towards where my last stand was i parked took a deep breath and watched for a sec then got out of my jeep grabbed my 243 weatherby and found a bush i crouched down and did a distress call using my primos jackrabbit 3rd degree i got the yote about 20 to 25yrds took the shot hit right in the chest and noticed the coyotes belly was blown the yote still moved a bit so i finished it with a head shot.. How ever i am a happy camper and i have to say 1 less mangy mutt running around… these dogs are varmints they kill farmers calf’s and chickens they run around town eating peoples pets they are not welcomed in are state…. so please do not judge… i kept this video as clean as possible hope you enjoyed All copy rights reserved by georgeterro 2014 Please allow Monetization. Video Rating: […]


  • Francisco Vallejo 4 years ago

    hey bro congrats. i haven't had any luck .. where do í go hunting at in az . im out in maricopa south of phx see alot out here but they in the farms and when i go out never see any and farms to close to city now and private land any good areas u know of?

  • Scott Francom 4 years ago

    You need to learn how to case skin coyotes.  It's easier and looks more presentable.

  • Prepared Survivalist 4 years ago

    Nice yote. Bro, we're in the same area. I started my yote quest about the same time you did apparently. Check out my video series on my yote skinning. I did a cottontail and a rattler too just like you. Tanned them and everything.

  • Coyote Cody 4 years ago

    Hell yea man CONGRATS!!!

  • Derek Cruz 4 years ago

    Nice bro congrats on your first yote!

  • TacticalDoogle9 4 years ago

    Congrats brother 

  • manuel medina 4 years ago

    Nice kill brother

  • Outmaneuvered 4 years ago

    The first of many i'm sure, Congrats

  • unvmematt 4 years ago

    The opening scene doesn't sound like a chick getting railed or anything. Haha anyways good hunt brudda!

  • EastTexasOutLaws 4 years ago

    Good for you on your first coyote

  • NSTRAPPERHUNTER 4 years ago

    Congrats buddy on your first coyote. Now that you've got your first the rest will come easy. Later and all the best.

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