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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This is a collection of short videos I took while we were out in the desert working bees after the conference. Just to give you some ideas of what it’s like out there and what working africanized bees is like. Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast: Treatment-Free Beekeepers Facebook Group: Treatment-Free Beekeeping Forum: Parker Bees Website: Parker Bees Blog: Treatment-Free Beekeeping YouTube Channel: Become a patron of this treatment-free educational work: Video Rating: / 5


  • Fred Fable 9 months ago

    Nooooo waaayyyyy…..really scary.
    (Truly amazing)

  • lee stimis 9 months ago

    Where is This? Poor bees! On the other hand it's so good to see the bees thriving in this world period!

  • North to Hope 9 months ago

    We are in Arizona too. Just started beekeeping last fall and did our first cut out only a month later… it's addicting!

  • North to Hope 9 months ago

    Wow pardon my language but they are PISSED!! Who's screaming? Were they being attacked??

  • Richard Reid 9 months ago

    Those are some badass bees. That would drive me crazy. Dee needs to start selecting for better temperament.

  • William Hutchins 9 months ago

    Those are some pissed off bees

  • Brandon Tai 9 months ago

    Yikes…what a nightmare

  • Greg V 9 months ago

    Lockable, low standing, heavy Layens-type hives should work better in such yards.
    Takes some effort to knock over those and helps with the mad bees.
    But why no smoke? Does not work?

  • Paulo Silva 9 months ago

    Beekeeping nightmare, rather have my bees and me taking care of their varroa problem. Couldn't keep bees if they were defensive like that because neighbors would complain and call the cops right away.

  • Nathan D 9 months ago

    Great video showing hot hives. I couldn't hear most of what you said over the bees. Captions would help with that.

  • Zeke135 9 months ago

    All those hives just get blown over?

  • Anthony Troia 9 months ago

    The screaming redneck in the background reminds me of home. I live in a trailer park, in NC.

  • BeeFriendlyApiary 9 months ago

    WOW….Dee needs some serious help down there…I hear her screaming in the background…so sad to see her apiary in such poor shape!!!

  • Klasniedryg 9 months ago

    good thing we done have these here in NC. I usually work without suiting up.

  • Flatwoods Bee Farm 9 months ago


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