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Desert Gardens


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  • Rebels Yell 10 months ago

    LoL !!!

  • areUaware 10 months ago

    Understand, The "Grand Canyon" was not carved by a river.
    The river just found the canyon.
    Imagine what would happen if the Grand Canyon decided to open up some more…

  • theoldmarine1 vaughn 10 months ago

    This is the most Exciting Video on YouTube ,so much to take in

  • carbon Tate 10 months ago

    Thanks for the post and bringing this to my attention!

  • Steve Nisby 10 months ago

    It could be planet x

  • oldmarinevaughn 10 months ago

    I took a scientific approach to my conclusion , mathematically it adds up ,Albert Einstein would have said the same thing

  • clocking out 10 months ago

    earth is fighting back!!!!

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