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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The new 2015.5 channel trailer. Sorry about the weird name. Hope it helps with searches. A local news channel has been running a series of reports regarding our border battle. This one is about citizen militia groups patrolling the Arizona desert roughly 26 to 80 miles north of the border. This is in an area where drug and human smuggling are rampant. You’ve all seen this area on other youtube vids. It’s the same area where the Pinal County Deputy was shot. This is in the heart of Arizona and not right at the border. Since the Feds refuse to do anything, I guess citizens are fed up and are now protecting Arizona on their own accord. These groups are not without controversy, including one suspected of being a “White Supremacy Group”. If the Feds did their jobs then no one would have to be there and we could, once again, enjoy our public lands. Video Rating: / 5


  • CRAZY “Rob” BEETON 4 years ago


  • Andy Pandy Motovlogs 4 years ago

    I kept watching all the way through the black screen expecting to see Clint Eastwood riding over a hill with the sun setting behind him 🙂 Some great footage there mate, and sums up the channel very very nicely!!!

  • M. Medel 4 years ago

    Definitive video for "This is America by motorbike".
    I like your freedom friend
    best regards

    PS: The music I love, with your permission I will make a video

  • RollingCole 4 years ago

    Americaa!! dude that was so awesome! lol almost brings a tear to your eye. I'll be stayin tuned!

  • bjg1946 4 years ago


  • Adventures in Real Life 4 years ago

    This is the most America I've seen in one place, and I've been to Wray.

  • Petrol Head 4 years ago

    Super this is one mean trailer, we'll have to be careful that Hollywood don't come knocking on your door…;)

  • TRX Vlogger 4 years ago

    Awesome shit man! I Will have my Pit Bike video up tomorrow.

  • phrankus2009 4 years ago

    S U C H . . . A . . . S T U D ! ! !

  • Tankerman 4 years ago

    Why do I feel like I just watched the Rocky movie where Rocky knocks out the Russian. Great job. Stay safe

  • WheelsNotHeels 4 years ago

    I love your Intros, first of all, because of how Patriotic you are, but also the combination of music, feel-good, down-to-earth, & bad-ass biker genre. Awesomeness at our fingertips. Great channel.  The US Flag, guns, bikes, campfires,  cigars, the desert…what's not to love!!!

  • Arizona RE 4 years ago


  • hillbillydualsport 4 years ago

    All you needed was a Clint Eastwood poncho

  • Noxious Moto 4 years ago

    This trailer is 'Merica to the max. I love it! Great job man

  • Ian Asbiorn 4 years ago


  • iRide uWatch 4 years ago

    Very cool trailer bro. Is the music from Ennio Morricone?

  • Florida Outdoor Adventures 4 years ago

    Merica #1

  • MrDuhfactor 4 years ago

    The Bad Ass of the desert…. I want you on my side dude…. hanging round AZDD has got to make one more manly than Chuck Norris on the weekend…..well done homes…

  • Vegas RoManiac 4 years ago

    U are missing the tumbleweed rolling across the road scene i can pack and ship one from vegas if you can't find any there …. u need to redo this .. haha .. I love it ..

  • 1down4up 4 years ago

    Like a old spaghetti western

  • Taka Konobe 4 years ago

    once you realize your government helps them smuggle drugs and supplies weapons to cartels.

  • Aphichat Sabai 4 years ago

    They want to build a wall or fence so badly, simply hire more people to patral the border. I guess building a wall is cheaper or is it. With a wall you just block your vision.

  • dickwolf 4 years ago

    I'm glad our elderly are finding productive hobbies in their old age.

  • Edward Banda 4 years ago

    I want to kill Neo Nazi millitant, skin him, and make a lamp shade with their tatoos on their skin.  that would be awesome. I would put a red light into the lamp so it could reflect the stupid shit of the lamp shade skin…on the wall.

  • Edward Banda 4 years ago

    Mexican's are not a minimalist race, they can be very skilled workers and intelligent.  Sometimes I think they work better than American's.  Their family togetherness is what American's should learn as an example.

  • Edward Banda 4 years ago

    Seven years ago Minutemen were taking the law into their own hands, and dealing the border issues without regard.  They delivered actions that were in no best interest of anyone, but their own thinking.  They were forced to back down or suffer incrimination.  Now they want to stand as a humanistic organization, I find it hard to believe.  I havent ever been at the inner border areas, except at San Diego, but there is a whole hell of a lot of nothing out there except desert.  There will never be an enclosed border, Europe just tore one down twenty years ago, and the world doesn't need another.  They deserve a right to work the land of this continent, they have earned their keep even if some are illegal. They still pay taxes…just not all taxes we do, but it is still just the same.  They make very little compared to Americans. I would rather them, than trade agreements with China and Russia. This is the current problem why there are no jobs in America is CHINA CHINA CHINA.  All I know these Minutemen people are too ignorant to realize where the real problems are.  The Drugs passing through?  Well no one in the USA wants that cheap mexican pot. Why would we when its already grown in the states, but with care to make the best quality grown products.  Not to get off issue, but you cant make a new initiative off an old one.  The fact is Minutemen are racist, militant, neo nazi whack jobs, who have nothing better to do in the desert.  I'm not any perfect person either, I believe if Mexican's want to be here they should learn to speak English well, and America should not bent to foreign language accessibility. The earth takes it's prisoners, but it also tells a story of things that lie hidden in the desert, it be found out on another day. But it isn't the Minutemen responsiblity.

  • david dookie 4 years ago

    shoot and kill a few of them and see how fast this kind of bull shit stops.

  • reymysterios9 4 years ago

    Don't fucking feed these interlopers!! They are coming here, ruining the economy worse, and making OUR people go hungry. Let them suffer!

  • Matt Madden 4 years ago

    J.T Ready does not represent us he got f*cked up, kicked in a door and killed several people then himself. that is not the conduct of the militias

  • Equestrian Republican 4 years ago

    They haven't killed or shot a single person.

  • CRaptor 4 years ago

    U.S Media call a man with a Semi-auto rifle heavily armed

  • Thethinker225 4 years ago

    I think their leader killed a girl and then himself or something. sad for the people that died and the bad name it gives on the militia.

  • Geehad 4 years ago

    These men are patriots trying to defend their country, hats off to them

  • jdeleon1104 4 years ago

    Fear no evil

  • john willams 4 years ago

    Kill all them invaders!

  • aarongreen21 4 years ago

    I meant "give it a chance" not have a chance.

  • aarongreen21 4 years ago

    @cpillin425, you have to be one of the most ignorant people on here, if you really fill this way about America, then don't come here. America is an amazing country and I feel you truly would like it here if you have it a chance. I highly doubt America would even batt an eye if Mexico upped there price on oil. We want immigrants here, but you must do it proper like everyone else.

  • Americus Patrioticus 4 years ago

    What a shame you have to curse at everybody on this thread who you have even mild disagreement with. In fact, I do a whole lot better than you because I don't have to lower myself by cursing and ranting to make a point. Now for some facts. If you sail a boat into Australian waters without permission, you are subject to arrest and imprisonment. Same for Russia, China, North Korea, and many others. In New Zealand, they don't let you leave until you have passed a safety inspection of your boat.

  • Americus Patrioticus 4 years ago

    If you are a citizen or legal resident, but aren't a native, you are an immigrant, or a native born child of immigrants. But, you are still here legally. A person who hops the border or gets off of a plane without a passport or other permission has entered illegally. In order to be in the USA legally, you must have proper permissions, usually in the form of a green card, visa and/or a passport.

  • Americus Patrioticus 4 years ago

    You scream. You curse. You have not even made a point. You made yourself look uneducated as a result. If you consider yourself so brilliant, why not say something useful. While you are at it, please try explaining how a country of lazy mfs has managed to become the most powerful nation on earth. You have had ample opportunity to provide some facts to rebut my evidence, but you are either incapable or unwilling to do so. Instead of the unwarranted hostility, how about a little logic and reason.

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