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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Look at that footage of Saddle Mountain, Arizona! We take a hike around and run into Linn, The Bracelet Slinger. What an incredible life she leads! Dave makes an odd discovery while gathering firewood which leads to a visit from the Sheriff… Check out The Bracelet Slinger @: Video Rating: / 5


  • Kodey WhiteWolf 1 year ago

    What a cute puppy….making bracelets awesome for her

  • jim a 1 year ago

    Love hearing about the choices people make.

  • Ripp Snortin' 1 year ago

    Tater tots

  • highwatercircutrider 1 year ago

    New subscriber here due to a 'Youtube' ad and loving your channel. Your lifestyle reminds us of 'ours'. We bought a lifted Ford one ton van, factory converted to 4×4 by 'Quigley' conversions. I built a 'pine and cedar' cabin style interior complete with huge bed, bathroom and galley. We are avid sailors…… we have a black and white Boston Terrior named Tucker (he looks like your dog), lol

  • Rodney Overbeck 1 year ago

    Nice too have a big rig for traveling

  • kingdavidcoffee 1 year ago

    About $2.60 gallon here. But 32 and some snow today. I'll trade places with you!

  • kingdavidcoffee 1 year ago

    Sorry for the typos I'm using voice recognition. What I wanted to say was viewership in YouTube.

  • kingdavidcoffee 1 year ago

    Good morning. I just went to YouTube and clicked on a new video from nomadic fanatic and a two minute ad came up for your channel. It was a very nice video but I'm curious as to why you would pay for advertising your channel. Is it to gain if you were ship and additional revenue through YouTube? Best regards, Sam in Nashua New Hampshire.

  • Joseph Osborne 1 year ago

    Looking forward to seeing the new oven!

  • Travel Small Live Big 1 year ago

    “Crack open a beer while waiting for a tow truck” – ha ha! The Bracelet Slinger has a great attitude. Your dog cracks me up! Those “no idea if it’s going to work” meals usually turn out the best!

  • Todd Ramsay 1 year ago

    Hoping for fresh mustard greens, potatoes diced large, bratwurst and drained Sauerkraut. With Dijon mustard on the side. Yes I am German descent, lol.

  • Joanne 1 year ago

    Dave: "That's a new one, eh?" 🙂 Seems you've brought a little bit of Canada to the desert Dave. 🙂

  • Maureen M 1 year ago

    in the foil- fish, potatoes and a veg

  • PassinTime 1 year ago

    Still searching – asking hikers to help. 2-22-18 still current

  • Kid Midas 1 year ago

    Grilled cactus?

  • Suzanne Burke 1 year ago

    Veggie Bomb!

  • Plant Based Senior 1 year ago

    Really enjoyed this. Great editing.

  • Joe Croteau 1 year ago

    OK guys not trying to be critical…but is there anyway that when Irene is taping on her side of the van or walking …would it be possible to get a microphone to Dave very hard to hear when he's not facing the camera …we love you both just don't want to miss a word LOL

  • Tony Sizzle 1 year ago

    “That’s kinda odd.”

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