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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Video Rating: / 5 Tarantulas are nocturnal predators that never venture far from their burrows unless it is mating season – where this male was crossing the road Sun. Jun 06 2014 equipped with urticating hairs on their abdomen which can be released by kicking with the back legs; these hairs irritate the nose and eyes of would-be attackers. “Boris the Spider” is a song written by The Who’s bass guitarist, John Entwistle. It appears as the second track of their 1966 album A Quick One. Video Rating: / 5


  • Mircea Costiniuc 1 year ago

    Sppectaculos video si flori minunate

  • Lídia Bohn 1 year ago

    Querida Rodica, você tem ideias maravilhosas. Sempre lindos vídeos! Obrigada e um bom fim de semana! Deus te abençoe! Lidia

  • Остра Гремада 1 year ago

    Lep video Rodica.Pozdrav.

  • Jung Karl 1 year ago

    sehr schön

  • Margaret 1 year ago

    Wonderful flowers and song dearst Rodica!
    Have a nice day! Big hug, Margaret

  • jung klara 1 year ago

    sehr schön

  • Maria Debreczeni 1 year ago

    minunata mirifică imagine despre flori!! MULȚUMESC pentru această postare minunata mirifică , Dna Rodica.. salutări din Brașov Șchei!!

  • Mike D. 1 year ago

    beautiful 🙂 my covers 🙂

  • Kamikaze Warrior Productions 1 year ago

    Very interesting.

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