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  • oneness is the key. 3 years ago

    at 5:19 there`s a EVP that said i m belong hear .

  • evpinvestigations 3 years ago

    Sorry George did not make his appearance maybe next time.

  • ulrich537 3 years ago

    my balls itches

  • emilshere 3 years ago

    that picture of a face is that dudes face…he caught his own reflection in the mirror lol… lol this is hilarious

  • emilshere 3 years ago

    orbs are just dust or bugs… i challenge anyone to capture an orb on a non digital camera.They cannot, you know why… cause its pixelation of dust and bugs,..and analog cameras dont pixelate…. orbs dont exist.

  • jason borne 3 years ago

    bwahahahahaha so true, ill be that same asshole thats going to haunt you… dick

  • MinatheAlleyCat 3 years ago

    wow what a bunch of bull…and even if it was an orb, it's not a human spirit…it's love energy which is there to filter bad into good energy

  • Bridgett Johnson 3 years ago

    I always thought I was crazy because I would see things in the corner of my eye hear crazy sounds and now watchng short clips on youtube and knowing there are other people like me out there is soo cool to know. I want to go with you guys next time to see If we can get something on film.

  • fxmanaz 3 years ago

    nicely done video guys

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