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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Drywashing for gold on a private claim with a special guest nugget shooter.We we’re lucky enough to enlist the help of Bill Southern to learn more about our new claim to help future Adventures.We also enjoyed hearing of many great Arizona finds. Video Rating: / 5


  • Kevin Hubbard 11 months ago

    great vid guys

  • Toni Touchberry 11 months ago

    Dude! You need a new camera guy! We got the back and side of your head and part of a gold pan!?!??!! Oh! And fingers!!?!

  • Jerry Stott 11 months ago

    A hammer drill would be more effective than that saw. I'd never survive your heat, we got a few days of upper eighties this summer and me and the mutt were miserable. Have a good one.

  • Dusty Butt Mining 11 months ago

    Sweet! Every vid I see of that claim makes it more and more interesting. Great gold great vid! Nice to see Bill out there too. I'm about 2weeks behind on my video watching….and a year behind on my edits. I guess when life slows down I'll get them done.

  • KingsnakeSince1986 11 months ago

    I think your wife has the right idea, supervising. 😉

  • Indiana Tones 11 months ago

    Saw you on Nugget Shooters video. Nice claim you got yourselves. Hope to do something like that one day. Happy Hunting.


    Thank you guys so much for the invite and too bad it was sooooo hot so fast. Very interesting area and nice gold you got with the drywasher! Me Skunked lol, but had a wonderful time exploring!

  • steve w #1 11 months ago

    Great adventure once again..!! Thanks for sharing..!!

  • Minelab Gold 11 months ago

    Hi Andy and Amy – good job on that gold and video. thanks for sharing
    Hah damn claim jumpers – hope ya dog didnt do too much damage mate
    As always – keep it up and talk soon. M.G

  • Jan Johannes Smith 11 months ago

    interesting dig and really fun time out in the scenery with you and Bill Southern oh I didn't see Tammy. cool video thank you nice gold

  • Flour gold Wizards 11 months ago

    It just plain ole looks hot….. nice hunt !!!!!

  • Lester Lepore Sr 11 months ago

    And Bill!!

  • Lester Lepore Sr 11 months ago

    Nice pan, Andy! Listen to Amy!

  • Lester Lepore Sr 11 months ago

    Get the Drill! Use a a 1/2" or larger bit!

  • Francisco Cruz 11 months ago

    Nice andy

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