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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This Video is of the beautiful Sonoran Desert That I Love so much! From The Giant Saguaro Cactus and Beautiful Sunsets to REAL Wild Horses!! I hope you enjoy it. The Sonoran Desert wraps around the northern end of the Gulf of California, north through much of Baja California, through southeastern California, southwestern and southern Arizona then south to western and central parts of Sonora Mexico. Its the only place in the world where the Saguaro (pronounced “Sa-waro”) Cactus grows in the wild. The Saguaro cactus grows for 50 years before getting its first arm. After that, they grow arms faster. Saguaros can live to be over 100 years old and grow to over 40 ft (12 m ) tall. The Saguaro blossom is the state Flower of Arizona. The Sonoran Desert is also home to 60 mammal species, 350 birds species, 20 Amphibian species, over 100 Reptile species, 30 native fish species, over 100 Bee species and more than 2000 native plant species. The Sonoran desert south of Tucson is the vital habitat for the only population of Jaguars living within the United States. The Sonoran Desert’s Biseasonal rainfall pattern results in more plant species than any other desert in the world. Equipment: Mavic 2 Zoom Edited with: Wondershare Filmora Music: Music Provided by MU – Music Unleashed: Track: fun ways to travel – [MU release] Track link: Music Provided by MU – Music Unleashed: Track: New beginnings – [MU release] Track link:]


  • Kardoso Media 1 year ago

    Great footage Mike! Looks awesome

  • R G Homestead 1 year ago

    mesa is a beautiful area of the country for sure we did a motorcycle trip several years go to mesa and loved it thanks for sharing and have a great day as well. you have a you tuber in mesa as that post all the time

  • WILD 1 ADVENTURES 1 year ago

    OH YEA MAN!! I COMPLETELY LOVE THAT PART OF AZ. i dont get to go there anymore but i used to every week and loved every inch of it!! Thank you for this vid….. Ill take this personal

  • Gypsyheart Entertainment 1 year ago

    If you don't mind I world love to use some of you video footage for my lyrical videos

  • Gypsyheart Entertainment 1 year ago

    Beautiful Country you have there

  • Gypsyheart Entertainment 1 year ago

    Got you from spikes bus now you have been lovedlockedloadedtweeted lotsalove&gypsykisses

  • AcE Films Studio 755 1 year ago

    nice video love the view

  • FloridaGreg 1 year ago

    Looks nice !! but i hear from The Weather Channel these last few days there hasn't been that nice….those cactus are something else….i drove thru there maybe 27 years ago or so….

  • Just looking 1 year ago

    Beautifull in dry Arizona! 😀

  • The Art Of REID 1 year ago

    Hello new friend

  • GrandAdan 1 year ago

    Here hugging new friends. Pushed bell on! happy to be here and hope to see you around my garden!-**<<x

  • Sales Edu & More 1 year ago

    250 and moving to 300, I can say I have been helpful. Great channel btw

  • Jim Crinan 1 year ago

    Absolutely beautiful scenery. Very impressed with the footage from the Mavic Zoom

  • DroneZone360 1 year ago

    You guys are lucky to have such nice weather! Freezing cold here in Canada!

  • Dave Stredulinsky 1 year ago

    A wonderful video. Great views of the desert with the cacti and beautiful rock formations. Nice views of the horses and river. I have been there once and did some hiking in the desert. I would love to do some aerial photography there. Thank you very much for sharing! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Good seeing you on the Canadian Drone Hub today.

  • Moses JH 1 year ago

    Awesome flying man! Your new friend 242 like 44

  • Jason Ng 1 year ago

    Great channel & video it…smash the like button for you …stay connect eachother 🙂

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