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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Introducing you a few of the common plants in the Sonoran Desert… Sometimes I forget many folks have never seen Arizona from the “Inside” Video Rating: / 5


  • Rob Rabbit 2 months ago

    Really enjoyed that, thank you.

  • Roaming With Rocco 2 months ago

    Very nice.

  • Digging with CMG 2 months ago

    Cool info!! Loved the video its like im watching the discovery

  • Notrightjohnny 2 months ago

    Are there any type of mushrooms out there. And thank you for sharing I operate a foraging company here in nh out there I would probably operate a shopping cart

  • Евгений К.Б 2 months ago

    Beautiful places, and interesting finds. Subscription to the channel.

  • West Country Clegg 2 months ago

    Very interesting video Bill,
    I made a video recently about the plant where horseradish sauce come from.

  • gold and relic hunter 1958 2 months ago

    Great video good to watch

  • Smithsgold 2 months ago

    Cool video !!!!

  • Mississippi BottleDigs 2 months ago

    I enjoyed watching. Have a great 4th. GL&HH.

  • GrooberNedJardine 2 months ago

    Just wonderful , haven't seen anything like that before ,certainly not here in OZ ,[Australia ] ,thanks for letting us see your home .

  • The Yard Dogs 2 months ago

    Nice video buddy thanks for sharing. Carl HH

  • You didnt show the dead cacti that blend in with the ground and stick in your butt when you sit down to take a break 🙂 Great vid bud.

  • Ronald Dvorak 2 months ago

    Another good video, You like the area and I agree it is different, but to live there, I would bet you have one big electric bill, am I right to keep you cool?

  • Dennis Flanegan 2 months ago

    Ok, Bill. Where were you 40 years ago when I moved West from the East coast…. You know: when I learned it's not a good idea to kick a barrel cactus?

  • Oldies&Goodies 2 months ago

    Thanks for explaining some of the cactus species. I lived in Queen creek AZ back in 84 never went detecting.. The views of superstition Mts and AZ Scenery is beautiful.. From what I understand Queen creek no longer has groves and has been turned into housing now.. Thanks for sharing HH Enjoy 4 th of July

  • adveNZures 2 months ago

    Nice video.

  • Cornbreadjack digs Tenn 2 months ago

    Awesome video ,nice info,and thanks for the stroll around the is a bucket list now for sure..CBJ

  • Clayton County Iowa History Hound 2 months ago

    Beautiful Area thanks for sharing. I can not imagine crossing that area in covered wagons back in the day. Thanks again, take care and be safe.

  • Bill K. 2 months ago

    Great lesson Bill, thanks for sharing your knowledge…

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