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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote August 23, 2012. Some nice Mohave Desert plants, cactus, and flowers I saw today while out on a partly cloudy scattered stormy day near Kingman AZ in northwe… Video Rating: 5 / 5 How do animals survive in extreme tempatures. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • kcmall 7 years ago

    nothing like arizona desert plants and cactus …most beautiful of any plants? on earth.

  • goldhunting 7 years ago

    god damn, that’s unreal. great work, very nice video? footage.

  • MarkAllenChannel 7 years ago

    Living out here for 12 years now, sort of take it all for granted, but there are times like this I get out and start feeling that? ‘I’m in the coolest place on earth’ feeling again.

  • misipi39 7 years ago

    The desert is? beautiful!

  • amna altheeb 7 years ago

    hi im fatma sister in alithad pvt school ilove fatma she is joke? able

  • Adam David 7 years ago

    dud in my class were talking about habatat’s and thanks to you u made me get? a A+ C: I LOVE YOU MAN

  • WildlifeObsessed 7 years ago

    Could you not? have found a more monosyllabic tone of voice to use for the Commentary !!!!!!

  • NottinghamAzn 7 years ago

    Humans are? nothing

  • CLSkill 7 years ago

    theres no life in the desert. theres? nothing to drink.

  • simeon bearden 7 years ago

    thanks man

  • Bailey clark 7 years ago

    Dued? thanx this helped me with me work its great!!!

  • ibrahim george 7 years ago

    what parts of? the sahara desert do they live in

  • kayansM 7 years ago

    Thank you? !

  • Leia Shearer 7 years ago

    Thanks that really helped with my? homework 🙂

  • Feather Ives 7 years ago

    This video would be perfect for educational? purposes if you slowed your speaking down and enunciated your words. The information is awesome and the visuals are very effective. Is there anywhere we can get a script?

  • Catou4695 7 years ago

    I’m doing a project on the desert so is it? ok if I use this and put it on the smart board when me and my partner present

  • saske1010 7 years ago


  • Yana N.C 7 years ago

    Can? we get the Script for this?

  • GN0MEz 7 years ago


  • Romeo Ramirez 7 years ago

    speak clearly so that WE? can hear what you are saying…

  • bluebell101 7 years ago

    same helped? me alot

  • Kamel Amine 7 years ago

    good try,? keep it for good

  • jose rios 7 years ago

    ill never go? 2 a dessert never NEVER!!!!!

  • taylorswiftfan272 7 years ago

    thank you so much? this really helped with my desert project!