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Desert Gardens


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  • LivingNaturallyInTune WithNature 5 years ago


  • KlassiclyRevampT 5 years ago

    What have you used, if anything to amend your soil. Mine is complete sand
    and my chard grew well but everything else not so good I have three
    tomatoes plants going but not near the ones you grew in last years video.

  • Dh0626 5 years ago

    Definitely an amazing video– thank you so much for sharing. Where in AZ
    are you?

  • Sonoran Desert Prepper 5 years ago

    Hey thanks, still learning but getting better

  • Pascale Caroline 5 years ago


  • dsliterepair 5 years ago

    What is the canopy material made of? Everything looks great!

  • Obsessiveprepperaz 5 years ago

    Wow what an amazing garden for Az.! I can’t believe your Brussels sprouts
    and cabbage are doing that well this time of year! Applaud!!! 🙂

  • TheLowBuck Prepper 5 years ago

    long time no hear from brother. Man you are going strong, love the coop

  • Bo Cantrell 5 years ago

    beautiful garden, it looks great.

  • CR Conway 5 years ago

    beautiful garden…love the cover!

  • HighDesertPioneer 5 years ago


  • Sonoran Desert Prepper 5 years ago

    30% sand 30% mulch 30% soil. going to change that up before i start the
    winter garden though

  • mdhization 5 years ago

    All good work takes longer than we think

  • Jamison Moeckel 5 years ago

    Great garden! I did not even know you could grow hops around here.

  • Sonoran Desert Prepper 5 years ago

    thanks man you will have to visit one of these days

  • redscynder 5 years ago

    The garden looks great!! Completely impressive for here. I’ve never had
    luck with cabbage or potatoes. And brussel sprouts even, wow, you are doing
    great. Coop looks neat too!

  • Sonoran Desert Prepper 5 years ago

    thanks the canopy i built really helps

  • BigPrepperAZ 5 years ago

    Damn bro that’s a great garden.

  • Sonoran Desert Prepper 5 years ago

    thanks man lots of work

  • Sonoran Desert Prepper 5 years ago

    hey thanks still learning though

  • Sonoran Desert Prepper 5 years ago

    thanks for watching

  • jethrob34 5 years ago

    Nice, I have ben off a few days just catching up. Leave the sprouts until
    fall pull the leaves off the bottom where the sprouts are leave the leaves
    that don’t have a sprout under them the sprouts will grow faster and
    bigger. Oh crap Quail, good vittles.

  • Sonoran Desert Prepper 5 years ago

    Tucson area