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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote 🌱Introduction 00:00 🌱January harvests 00:26 🌱”Cut and come again” method 00:47 🌱What is bolting? 01:06 🌱Growing celery 01:35 🌱When to harvest broccoli and cauliflower 01:50 🌱How to harvest tomatoes in cool weather 02:10 🌱January pepper harvests 02:37 🌱Caring for and planting asparagus 02:55 🌱Thinning wildflowers 03:40 🌱Caring for annual flowers 04:10 🌱When to prune fruit trees 04:23 🌱When to apply Neem oil and horticultural oil to fruit trees 05:08 🌱When to fertilize fruit trees 05:20 🌱When to plant fruit trees 05:34 🌱How to tell if citrus is ripe 06:27 🌱Choosing which type of citrus to plant 06:56 🌱When to start seeds indoors in Arizona 07:27 🌱Planning your spring garden in Arizona 08:00 🌱When to start sweet potato slips in Arizona 08:12 🌱When to plant and prune roses in Arizona 08:27 🌱When to plant strawberries in Arizona 08:55 🌱When to propagate succulents in Arizona 09:08 🌱When to plant blackberries in Arizona 09:17 🌱Watering in January 09:30 🌱Protect your garden from freezing temperatures 09:42 🌱What to do with fallen leaves in the garden 10:23 🌱Herbs to plant in Arizona in January 10:36 🌱Vegetables to plant in Arizona in January 11:12 🌱Flowers to plant in Arizona in January 12:02 Find out what to do this month to have a successful winter and spring garden. What you can plant in January in mild winter areas. What do I cover in a frost? What can I harvest this month? When do I prune and plant fruit trees? What should I plant in January? When is citrus ripe? How can I tell if citrus is ripe? How do I protect plants in a freeze? *Which VEGETABLES to plant and whether to plant seeds or transplants. *Which garden tasks should be done to help your garden survive and thrive during […]


  • Growing In The Garden 1 week ago

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  • noheanaka 1 week ago

    always so excited to see a post!

  • Sweet Carolina Gardening 1 week ago

    I can't believe you are getting tomatoes in January!

  • Diane Levy 1 week ago

    What a helpful, no fluff video! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Can you also plant Jerusalem artichoke?

  • Lora V 1 week ago

    I so love your videos because I live in your area. I also received your perpetual calendar as a (requested) Christmas gift and I LOVE IT! I cannot believe the quality of the calendar! It will never, ever deteriorate because of the poly "paper" on which it is printed. It is the perfect companion to your videos. Thank you for the work you do!

  • Barefoot Gardener 1 week ago

    Thank you so much for this region specific channel. I have your calendar.
    Almost everything is doing well this winter except one thing: lettuce. I’ve been trying all fall until now. It germinates well but seems to stall at 1/2 to 1 inch. I’ve thinned and given them space, tried full sun and partial shade, pots and in ground beds. I don’t understand how they both refuse to grow but don’t die. What are they missing?

  • The Green Bean 1 week ago

    Awesome garden!! I'm wondering why I live in Michigan right about now, It will be a while till I get the opportunity to get back to my garden . I just get to watch others in theirs, LOL

  • plants lover 1 week ago

    nice sharing dear friend

  • Marjan Arif 1 week ago

    Thanks for making these videos. Have a question about watering trees, I have a sweet lemon, regular lemon, a fig tree, a pomegranate tree, and a grapefruit and want to know if I should setup all on deep watering couple times a week or once a week during cooler days?

  • Vanessa Smith 1 week ago

    Do you typically start the flowers you mentioned at the end from seed?

  • Bertha Alvarez 1 week ago

    Can we plant stuff now? I get so confuse growing things here in AZ.

  • Carolina Moon's lil' English Garden 1 week ago

    Wow, a busy garden, great vlog lots of inspiration 🙂

  • DSW Ministries 1 week ago

    Great videos. I can never figure out the watering schedule. I either water too much or too little. I'm here in Mesa.

  • can you plant in pots if you don't have a plant bed? thanks

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