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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote October gardening in Arizona. Find out what to do this month to have a successful fall and winter garden. What you can plant in October in hot climates. *Which VEGETABLES to plant and whether to plant seeds or transplants. *Which garden tasks should be done to help your garden survive and thrive during October. Want to learn more? Arizona Garden in October: Arizona Garden in October Arizona Planting Calendar: Arizona Planting Guides: Roselle Recipes: How to use Roselle Hibiscus: 5 Tasty Recipes How to grow luffa: Growing Luffa in the Garden Seed Sources: Seeds Now Renee’s Rachio Sprinkler Controller: Sticky Traps: Soil Test Kit: Organic Fertilizer: Link to buy garden grids: Use code ‘Angela10’ to save off 0. Thanks for watching! Video Rating: / 5


  • Rhyan Brandt 1 week ago

    Thank you for your Channel, makes planting in Arizona a lot easier

  • Karl K 1 week ago

    I was wondering how your garden bed worm towers did thru the summer. I used frozen water bottles to keep my bins cool. I made it without any fatalities. I appreciate your information. you are spot on for us desert rats.

  • Shahnaz Currim 1 week ago

    Did you say to spray the peppers with epsom spray? Is that just an epsom salt solution?

  • Jackie Johnson 1 week ago

    Thank you Angela! I’ve had some oranges dropping from one of my trees. They haven’t even ripened yet. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

  • Killacorn 1 week ago

    You are the best!! Thank you! These videos are amazing.

  • Francine Cheswick 1 week ago

    Hi, Your garden is amazing! Where did you get the trellises that your Queen's Wreath is on? (The ones that are attached to your wall) I need that large one as well as the small one. Thank you!

  • Glenda Ross 1 week ago


  • Penny 1 week ago

    Thank you! Great info. Now let’s see what will I be able to do in my yard. Yours look amazing ❤️

  • noheanaka 1 week ago

    My cucuamelon struggled and I'm considering starting some more – with how hot the season has been do you think it's too late?

  • Nazarite Without Walls 1 week ago

    What is your ratio for the Epsom salt and how often do you spray?

  • BH Fusion 1 week ago

    Hello! Your channel is really amazing. I have been starting a garden and your straightforward guide for plants to grow here in Phoenix is great especially month to month. I bought 10 bags of your soil mix from AZ worm farm today, it has a very organic deep brown look. Very excited!

  • mimi4816 1 week ago

    Hello! Do you grow dragon fruits? I grow some from California friend mailed some to me this May! I just wonder what cold temperature will cover them ? Thanks

  • Sakura Moore 1 week ago

    Slowly I am learning how to glow plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, I am finding gardening very therapeutic and inspiring, spending time outside with my hands in the earth while observing nature grow.

  • Jayaru Paranagama 1 week ago

    Thanks for this Angela! Really appreciate it!
    Was wondering if you’d be able to do a video on citrus trees and deep watering?

  • I’ve lived in Chandler for about six years now after moving from Florida for 22 years. It was weird that everything I threw in the garden grows immediately and becomes a weed. Here, since I lived in an apartment for two years and condo in four, everything I grew on my balcony died by the time June hit. I was so happy December-May, but I got pretty depressed every time my plants, flowers, and vegetables died. (My condo faces the sun.) in the past, I’ve googled and YouTubed so much about balcony planting in Arizona and haven’t been able to find much. I wasn’t even sure it was possible to get something as lush as what you have. My boyfriend has a pretty decent sized backyard, and I desperately can’t wait to get a nice herb and vegetable garden going. I YouTubed “Arizona October garden”, and I’m so, so grateful you just uploaded this. Coincidentally 15 hours ago. Thank you so much, and I look forward to watching your channel grow!

  • rc for short 1 week ago

    Danelle suggested this❤️

  • Gilberto Rodriguez 1 week ago

    Great video and info thank you. I have a beautiful fig tree in my back yard I believe it is a Brown Turkey? But last and this summer when the figs look ready to be picked they had a lot of little brown beetles inside and the fruit was spoiled. What are they? Is there any way to prevent them or control them? We love figs but I have been thinking about diging it out and replace it with an apple or dwarf keylime. The birds, japanese beetles and this other small beetles and ants inside them got most of my figs. I'll appreciate your help. Have a great October.

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