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  • Jhing Hammons 2 weeks ago

    Woww grabe ang imong pananim momshie jul. Ang dami mong sibuyas na tanim and petsay ba yang iba ? Nakakatuwa hehheehhe

  • Curly Lhan’z Channel 2 weeks ago

    Hi sis… 661 subscribers here sis. I hope you can visit my channel and subscribe back.

    I’m jealous with your garden. Can’t wait for mine to grow

  • Paranormal 419 2 weeks ago

    Julie tell your followers to check out my song lol

  • Davids Angel 2 weeks ago

    Hello Juliet, New subscriber here …Me and my wife hear of your channel from Helmz Jordan…Now you have 667 subs instead of the "666" OMG!!! Anyway please check out also me and my wife Angel channel when you have time.

  • BF Channel 2 weeks ago

    Tiring job but worth it after. Thank you for sharing Juliet. Have a great weekend! – Greetings from BF

  • AiOme TV 2 weeks ago

    Great vlog po.

  • Grace Bisdak 2 weeks ago

    Day Asa mo dapit kay AZ man sab ko. Dias phoenix dool pv mall

  • Philippines My Paradise 2 weeks ago

    Thanks very much for your great and funny videos…Helmz sends me here and ask to support your channel, I'm glad she did because I already like your valued channel, and will always do. I did press the red button and all on your wonderful channel. Regards!

  • ครัวนายพล 2 weeks ago

    Nice video. Sub for you # 666 back sub for me. thanks.

  • DE Ackern 2 weeks ago

    Great video my friend 😀 Just subscribed & keep up the good work! 😀 #Iamacreator

  • PinayInCanada Thomas 2 weeks ago

    Hi sis done hitting the button hope u can too. Watched ur video til the end. Keepnin touch.

  • FUN LEARNING 2 weeks ago

    Great video

  • Shel's World 2 weeks ago

    supporting you back sis 🙂 , keep in touch tayo .

  • Arce Amor 2 weeks ago

    Ganda nang garden. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Philippine Life Adventure 2 weeks ago

    it has been too wet and cool nights in Arkansas to put in a garden yet, I am hoping in the next week or 2 I can plant my garden. James

  • jensky jen 2 weeks ago

    hello sis new supporter here,ayan na hit ko na si red button,sana maka support back ka sa channel ko

  • Travelling Memories 2 weeks ago

    like 24, Hello Juliet i saw you on the channel of TristinJoan. i watched your channel and enjoyed. intresting and great content. hope we can join each other's channel and grow all together

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