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  • John Hampson 10 months ago

    Helllo Judy, nice to see you! Of course it is also nice to see the views and wildlife you can see almost every day. So much of nature is taken for granted so we should say a big thank you for taking the time not only to view and photograph as much as you do, but to say Thank You for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and all who visit here.

  • Terry Hancock 10 months ago

    Fantastic photography love it thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Christmas catch you in the new year. Terry

  • Jose Manuel Hiniesto 10 months ago

    Hello! Very good your channel! And your video too !! Congratulations! It deserves all the success! I subscribe to his great channel and I leave my like. When you have time, visit my channel !! Please!! Thank you

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