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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote An extended flyover view of the California-Mexico Border.


  • Bill Crawford 9 months ago

    Such sad music

  • Roma Tavita 9 months ago

    Thanks to the President Trump and everyone involved in building this Great Wall.A great piece of Artwork that can remind us all that anything and everything is possible with the willpower of man together with the creative power of the Creator God almighty.

  • Carol Howard 9 months ago

    Interesting how all these towns in Mexico are built right up to the wall !!

  • KIM JONG UN 2 9 months ago


  • scotty362100 9 months ago

    Look at that BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL!!! And a LOT more to build, it looks like. Lets get crackalacking.

  • Spencer Mosher 9 months ago

    Why are you guys cutting the video in specific spots? For example you're missing footage where there is 2.15 miles of no border wall from 32.606113, -116.261650 to 32.609086, -116.225074.

  • Do they cross in the mountains where there is no border?

  • glockumollie 9 months ago

    Man, that would be a very challenging task to try to pass there or stop there. The landscape is such severe hot weather would keep me out of that desert. Had a Mexican friend where I worked for about 30 years and when it was extremely hot outside this guy loved the really hot weather while on the other hand I am defeated completely at around 86deg. Above 86 and I am melting like a cube of butter. How could a coyote human trafficker spend so much time in that scorching sun when it's like 104. I could never do that at this point of my life although back in 1980 that would be a different story. Why would they build cities in such a hot place. For sure I wouldn't be buying any land or building a house there.

  • chris p cridder cridder 9 months ago

    Trump 2020 !!!!!!!!

  • jesus martinez 9 months ago

    There is no border wall on the mountains

  • Alen Chao 9 months ago


  • coolramone 9 months ago

    BUILD THE WALL [[[[[[[]]]]]]]

  • abderaman alzemouri 9 months ago

    a normal fence like a garden fence very nice not as a war zone as they say the news

  • Drive-By Troll 9 months ago

    Show me, don't tell me. I wish more journalism was done this way.

  • dialynn44 9 months ago

    This was a wonderful video showing us our WALL that has been built! I enjoyed watching the elevation spots and the cities the wall went past!
    Are they ever going to do Texas, though? I wonder…..just beautiful, though!
    And even though we may still have a heck of a lot of crime and drugs in America, just think of what has been stopped already by the building of the WALL!
    If a few lives are saved in America, is it not worth it?
    TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!……Diana in Milwaukee, Wisconsin….yes we have drug & crime here, too…a LOT!……

  • Wynette Greer 9 months ago

    What a terrible place, completely useless

  • Robert Binner Mattfeldt 9 months ago

    Our country NEEDS absolutely foolproof government issued, citizens IDs. It is the ONLY way to safguard the rights and safety of American citizens.

  • Wynette Greer 9 months ago

    Looks like a great place for a wall ! Let these people build where ever they will, it will be done !

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