Arizona tornado west of Tucson and other storms, wild animals and mysterious creatures! Experience everything from alien life forms to small town gunslingers among the serene desert beauty in this WILD Arizona adventure.


Arizona often has beautiful storms to photograph from July through mid September or so. During my stay early on an active weather event occurred near Tucson. Enhanced convergence from storm outflows enabled a middle cell to produce a brief landspout tornado. For the rest of my stay, there wasn’t much for photogenic weather, so we shifted gears and went looking for wild animals in the desert and sky islands. We observed many small mammals including skunks, jackrabbits, foxes and coyotes. Lots of reptiles and amphibians including six different species of rattlesnakes, a California kingsnake, and long-nosed snake as well as many spadefoots and Colorado River toads. Scorpions, solifugids and vinegaroons also crossed our path as well as hummingbirds and hawks.

When in southeast Arizona it’s always a good time stopping in the Wild west boom town Tombstone. Not only for the jalapeño burgers at the Crystal Palace, But to walk in the footsteps of Gun slinging legends like Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp and more. We stopped by Boot Hill and at the Bird Cage Theater we went back in time to see Doc Holliday’s usual seat at the faro table, the original grande piano that played along side performers and of course the Fiji Mermaid.

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Ukulele: Spencer Schyma
Guitar: Hank Schyma
Street band in Tombstone Arizona: Unknown
Arthropod fact consultant: Greg Rice
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ARIZONA TORNADO – Storm Chasing & Desert Wonders

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