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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Giant Dust storm in Arizona comes across the valley, 7000 feet high and 51 miles wide. We ask is this the making of geoengineering? More information is contained in this video! UPDATE! More details: , in my area, the winds picked up FIRST, 60 mile an hour winds. People brought there kids in and there animals right away. Then the wind and the trees were blowing and whipping around, hard to capture in a still shot I suppose. As to the actual PLUME , it built up right before my eyes, raging in from the South East, covering the mountain (literally eclipsing the mountain and the sky. It was so loud outside, because the wind and trees were whipping around…then this gigantic plume erupted and just sort of rolled in…it was not peaceful what so ever…the dirt was typical of the desert, reddish sand and dirt, and it dumped into my pool (also typical of a dust storm. But this was like no one had ever seen in the desert, and the news is still reporting on it daily.The wind blew from several directions, like a funnel effect, as I watched my trees, they bounced around in all directions and some of the 6 foot fan palms were forced by winds and bent to the ground. UPDATE JULY &, 2011 :Trees were uprooted around Casa Grande when I did the drive by yesterday. Huge trees (again typical of winds, nothing new there) It was the enormous PLUME that just blew your mind as it grew and got higher and thicker with dirt, it ROLLED in like a wave of water. The after effects were 20 ft. visibility , and we still have not settled all of the dust. Yesterday it was like […]


  • howsithngin 4 years ago

    The light was good for some dramatic shots of dust. Probably didn't need the added effects (enhanced color and contrast). I grew up there. Had dust storms annually in Phoenix. Just part of the deal. I loved the lightning that commonly strikes in late summer. Some good memories there.

  • student702 4 years ago

    Voted down because:
    1: Still images instead of video
    2: Ken Burns effect
    3: Awful "X" transitions
    Just show the stills and cross fade between them.

  • The Truth Denied 4 years ago

    August 2015!  RE: CHEMTRAILS:::BREAKING NEWS:::::  Patrick Roddie asks the EPA "If Physics hasn't changed, than what has?" in regards to the 'persistent contrails phenomenon'.
    Thanks Patrick Roddie, your testimony was brilliant! PASS THIS ON! THE world needs to hear what Patrick said!

  • ItzMeGayle 4 years ago

    I personally experienced many very large, massive dust storms from 1972 to 1975, in Glendale, Az. You crackheads are something else. This is a NATURAL EVENT.

  • The Truth Denied 4 years ago

    This storm is NOT, I repeat NOT the usual DUST storm. Giant Dust storm in Arizona comes across the valley, 7000 feet high and 51 miles wide.  

  • RAW TEE 4 years ago

    I REFUSE to watch this crap/Text blog.
    find a real way like "Voice over" for those who are  BLIND!

  • Community ARK Project 4 years ago

    Does it matter whether global warming is due to man made or natural causes?  The devastating effects are still the same.  It's like wasting resource and time arguing over whether the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant disaster is cause by nature or by human negligence, the effects are still the same.  So if the elites, having access to think tanks and vast number of scientists, have figured out that the environment is going to collapse; and they are preparing by building underground cities and seed vault for themselves using public tax money.  Why aren't the common folks taking lesson from them, pool resources and do the same to prepare?  It's like sitting around and watching Noah as he build his ark and not take the hint.  Food for thoughts.  This is a gathering call.  For more info, check out the "about" section of the Project channel.  We all have the freedom of choice, to either be like the grasshopper or be like the ants in the face of the coming environmental collapse.

  • The Truth Denied 4 years ago
  • L Trevino 4 years ago

    This occurs all the time in the desert – I lived there for ever and this is normal – such a load of doody

  • mrstuperstefan 4 years ago

    It's a haboob. It's caused by subtropical moisture. I live in San diego and we see the clouds that cause them. It's very VERY very natural. This CHICK IS FULL OF SHIT

  • FreeThoughtDIY 4 years ago

    how does it kill germs and bug? we get these all the time here in arizona usually around the same time we get inundated with palo verde beetles (which are HUGE bugs lol)

  • kudosdc 4 years ago

    Of course the wind started first. How do you think the dust gets blown up into the air?

  • Why are we here? 4 years ago

    Well this video may be a little far fetched, and i am no expert in sand-storms etc (though 51 miles wide and 7000 feet holy fuck), however 'weather modification' is a very real issue and has been for a while now, with over a 1,000 US patents, and the military publicly admitting to north pole aerosol freezing testing (a form of geo-engineering), its not even within question to deny it. its not even a 'conspiracy'? and people need to quit tying it into that!

  • khalifa A 4 years ago

    it is very normal in my country . it has advantage to kill germs and bugs

  • tnielsenhayden 4 years ago

    It's just a dust storm. They had them in the Valley of the Sun before airplanes were invented. They had them before the Europeans showed up. Dust storms are a natural weather pattern for that part of the world. Making a big fuss just shows that you haven't lived there very long. /// You are aware that the rest of the world laughs at Americans who deny well-documented climate change while inventing nonexistent "geoengineering" conspiracy theories, right? You aren't brave; you're ridiculous.

  • k solomon 4 years ago

    YEH.. the desert had dust storms before the gov used planes to fly above the clouds for sure!

  • The Truth Denied 4 years ago

    ASK. It never hurts to ASK. Turns out, engineering this type of weather is common. Giant Dust storm in Arizona comes across the valley, 7000 feet high and 51 miles wide. We ask is this the making of geoengineering? More information is contained in this video!
    UPDATE! More details: , in my area, the winds picked up FIRST, 60 mile an hour winds.

  • The Truth Denied 4 years ago

    Pass it on. ARIZONA

  • EETFUK 4 years ago

    fucking stupid.

  • Sai shwe 4 years ago

    Pup Peterson you have one badass dad.

  • Paige Goldman 4 years ago

    Are coyote and pup nicknames?

  • Isaiah Ganan 4 years ago

    Coyote Pearson who is your wife because you're always talking about your daughter but who is your wife

  • DelilahZoe 4 years ago

    Please don't promote materialism. REUSE! THRIFT STORES!

  • Ilovehater13 4 years ago


  • selina weixeldorfer 4 years ago

    Its pretty awesome you came to my home town. Im from Tucson and I love the desert museum as much as I love our zoo 

  • Tricia Le 4 years ago

    once i went to a zoo, and there was a really creepy place with a 'broken' bridge (not actually broken, just made it to look broken), and below the bridge, there were LIVING crocodiles and beavers swimming in water. i swear, i think i almost fell off the bridge

  • Shawana Winstead 4 years ago
  • god of parkour 82 4 years ago


  • Youniverous 4 years ago

    Amusing creatures.

  • Edie Koller 4 years ago

    Very kewl.  Wish I could get someone to take me out there. I love in Los Angeles and I know that its not that far.   But its too far for me to drive..>Great video:) Thanks so much.

  • Sebastian silva 4 years ago

    Hey CP should adopt a coyote pup

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