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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Description: This tutorial discusses and explains additional sustainable design and planning which supports passive solar architectural design. The focus is on deciduous landscaping which supports passive solar principles. It also focuses on xeriscaping (landscaping which requires minimum water supply), the management of worm farming and veggie gardens. The intent is to make the viewer aware of how these different systems work together in unison to maximise sustainability, independence, and self-sufficiency. Finally, the tutorial touches on the management of rainwater. The collection of rainwater (grey water) and the filtering thereof (white water) are discussed. How the system functions as a whole are illustrated in the context of the larger sustainable system (architectural) by using 3–D software (SketchupMake). Contents: Chapter 1: Deciduous landscaping and impact of trees on passive solar design (architectural). Chapter 2: Veggie gardens and the quest for sustainability Chapter 3: Worm farming and the benefits of producing worm juice and compost. Chapter 4: Composting and the benefits of producing own compost. Chapter 5: Xeriscaping and the basic principles of planting succulents, ground-cover and more. Chapter 6: Rainwater management which includes large underground water tanks and additional water tanks situated on the roof of the building. See more tutorials on the Armadillo and Onion inspired sleep-out on the William van Zyl channel (YouTube). More resources and information at: and Video Rating: / 5

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