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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay – A Night in the Arizona Desert After pitching a tent, you sit down outside by the fire, chat, and enjoy some marshmallows. ~Edit: Got a few comments about how hot Arizona is right now, and I agree that June is not a good time for camping out! The season isn’t specified in the audio – you can pretend it’s any season you like 😊~ 🍀 “The first time I tried to roast a marshmallow, I set it completely on fire.” _________________________ 🐦 Subscribe for weekly uploads of roleplays, meditation adventures, and ASMR! 😀 _________________________ 🌟 Follow me on social media for posts and updates! Twitter: _________________________ 🎵 Find me & other artists on the Tingles ASMR app for free, ad-free listening with the phone screen off (available for iOS and Android): _________________________ 📒 WorldofCadence Audio Directory: [Use navigation tabs] _________________________ 🍃 Credits: Channel art: EXVein Crickets at night: License – CC BY 3.0 Crackling fireplace: License – CC BY-NC 3.0 Script & audio: WorldofCadence Video Rating: / 5


  • H20 water 2 weeks ago

    Yay I'm from Arizona but I don't act like it

  • Gewalt Dusk 2 weeks ago

    Ahh Arizona the nicest place on earth when it's not trying to poison dehydrate or give you heat stroke it's lovely to go out into the desert sit down have a few drinks look at the stars and enjoy the ambiance of the desert night… god I miss that place

  • Alex Jones 2 weeks ago

    D**N BOY! XD

  • Calamity Armityle 2 weeks ago

    I've lived in phoenix my whole life and let me tell you it's probably best we don't camp out here past morning cause we are gonna roast alive during midday, especial since these last few days have scorched past 100degrees :).

  • kris220b 2 weeks ago

    There is green marshmallows?

  • Raw and Uncensored 2 weeks ago

    Ahh the sound of lips smacking. My 3rd favorite sound. That voice is nice to listen to as well.

  • Liam Hughes 2 weeks ago

    Great audio, loved the game of thrones reference as well.

  • Sevinas orr 2 weeks ago

    you should make a discord.

  • AstoundingMoron 2 weeks ago

    Aw yeah, my home state, although I’m more up north than the area Arizona’s usually acquainted with

  • FScorpion678 2 weeks ago


  • UMARAK ABYSS 2 weeks ago

    Another good one

  • Liam Dillard 2 weeks ago


  • connor field 2 weeks ago

    I'm currently stationed at Fort Huachuca Arizona and it's kinda nice how quiet it is here

  • dude everything 2 weeks ago

    I was born in july in arizona, it was 107 degrees out. Also, it was 2 in the morning. A camp fire would probley melt you alive.

  • Dudleezy Y'all 2 weeks ago

    This channel really deserves more attention tbh…

  • Xsavage _nightcoreX 2 weeks ago

    I hear Arizona is nice, but that one guy from Arizona in Wolfenstein 2 got fucked

  • Blood Drake 2 weeks ago

    Now lets see how many people here have been to glendale arizona
    I cant remember it well…
    Is sad because is where im from

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