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  • Oddly Satisfying Videos 1 year ago

    The first is Jewelry. (Just for the purpose of creating ASMR sounds!!! DON't eat it)
    Yang Yi – (つ°ヮ°)つ

  • Einhorn Welt 1 year ago


  • Andrew Bass 1 year ago

    The fish egss where horrible but they're very satisfying so keep doing it

  • little wizah 1 year ago

    This girl literally eats everything

  • Ateys Fgdtrgv 1 year ago

    اول وحده مش اتكلت ليه

  • ぷりんあらもーど 1 year ago


  • blue tears 1 year ago

    Are you chewing jewellery? Not eating jewellery?

  • オムスター八木氏 1 year ago


  • Imtiyaz Farhana Iyaz 1 year ago

    How could u eat chilli its spicy

  • Neen_b1 1 year ago

    Who would eat jewelry

  • Jami &Tali 1 year ago

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    I love you
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  • 、 GUMI 1 year ago


  • ななみ。 1 year ago


  • sky squad 1 year ago

    Did you have braces before or are your teeth just naturally straight?

  • ASMR_MIKI 1 year ago

    always love your video style

  • ali ali 1 year ago


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