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  • Only Way Is Linux 6 years ago

    Been playing this on Ubuntu through native steam this morning, Stunning,
    Full HD, Full settings, not as much as a stutter in sight. Latest ATI beta
    v9.95 driver.?

  • WigglyMalmsteam 6 years ago

    DO WANT?

  • Shawn_Senpai 6 years ago

    This game is so Moe’

  • Jeremiah S 6 years ago

    This is looking really good.

  • Nando Nguyen 6 years ago

    holy cow

  • DaveThe SodaGuy 6 years ago

    the PC shits on any 360 game. and no, this fantastic game is not available
    for your console

  • BlodgettTV 6 years ago

    They should bring this to Ouya.

  • ShyGuy XII 6 years ago

    Made me think of jet force jemini

  • thegamingwarhero 6 years ago

    Rule 34

  • Garuu Spike 6 years ago

    This game’s art style is similar to Jimmy Neutron. *sniff* You’ve
    stimulated my childhood alongside your amazingly-crafted game. Have my

  • peterhoburg 6 years ago

    This game is NOT FOR ANDROID OR IOS! It is a PC, Mac, and Linux! Android
    has nothing to do with the OS. Its the NAME OF THE GAME! Any way TAKE MY

  • firebranded 6 years ago

    Looks great, will it be cross buy?

  • CollidedGeneration 6 years ago

    God I was hoping for iOS.

  • Parker Tuindros 6 years ago

    Looking good!

  • Alberto Madonna 6 years ago

    woooow i hope bring it to wiiu

  • Jimmy Jimmison 6 years ago

    Played this at PAX AUS, it is an awesome game I don’t think I can praise it
    enough! This game was fun, addictive and looked absolutely gorgeous on PC.
    By far my favourite game of the show (: Also the dev there Sanatana was a
    great guy (:

  • bertkerstens 6 years ago

    wasn’t this in tb wtf is show?

  • Azzad-track 6 years ago

    WOO Australia-based game devs! finally australia gets some coverage!

  • Tyrone Lee 6 years ago

    Wii-U?!!!!! Purchase confirmed!!!!!!!!

  • RUSHOUR3E 6 years ago

    oh shit. yous got burned

  • Diego Garcia 6 years ago


  • KageHiRyu 6 years ago


  • ryuudrako86 6 years ago

    Makles this for the Vitams.

  • Mr.Showtime 6 years ago

    This reminds me of smash tv a little, and it looks fun!

  • Aaron Seaberry 6 years ago

    It -has- multiplaer