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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Here is an Autumn update on our animal foraging and desert gardening 🙂 Please consider contributing thru Patreon:) Links: Tweets by MyLilHomestead Wood Chip Gardening: Music Credits: Banana Moonshine by Dan O’Conner Music by Sneaky Snooper by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Free Use Music: In_the_Garden by Silent Partner Sioux Falls by Silent Partner River Crossing by ALBIS Sleepy Jake by Silent Partner Do It Right by Jingle Punks Itsy_Bitsy_Spider_instrumental by The Green Orbs Indie Romance by Silent Partner Stoker by Jingle Punks Video Rating: / 5


  • Cheryl Taylor 2 years ago

    flowers def produce more than beauty. flowers attract pollinators that will make your food and medicinals be more productive.

  • Cricket 2691 2 years ago

    Sometimes U have 2 do the not so fun work ! But I know that the goats appreciate it muchly! Oh, they grow up so quickly ! I get tears thinking about the time that's went by watching the children grow up on the site & I'm not even related 2Y'all ! What is Miss Piggy's name ! I love how tame & happy the animals R ! I love this episode! U have really shared a lot  on this one! But love the others 2 ! ! !

  • Mrmusikman 82 2 years ago

    I'm from the PNW as well, and looking for something similar to the property you currently own. this channel has given me many outlets and ideas, so thank you for that. also… I love the family dinamics and family bond you all share. I believe that it is not only important to show your children the meaning of hard work!, but to be able to work together as a team and conquer everything as a whole shows strength, patience, and character. there are a lot of people who could take a page out of your book Gary and Shelly! so happy to see this content on YouTube! God bless you all!

  • Tributary House Ltd. 2 years ago

    Glad you saved the prickle pears, they're friendly just misunderstood. 🙂

  • Donald Fugitt 2 years ago


  • Fritz Christian 2 years ago

    How does the "soil" differ from your area vs. land in NE AZ? I'm looking at land there, but, don't know much about "sandy soil".

  • Greg Wade 2 years ago

    This was SO cool!!    and flower ARE good as they bring in bees and pollinators you need for your tomatoes and peppers,   great garden!!!

  • Nuzhain 2 years ago

    For great info about growing TONS of food in Arizona check out This guys grows tons of food and give amazing tips!!!

  • lordrot20 2 years ago

    I got to say y'all have a very awesome family dynamic, plus it is also interesting to see how y'all do the homesteading in the desert.

  • Rob Elsner 2 years ago

    Some of your flowers are actually edible so you should look them up!

  • Teddy Rutberg 2 years ago

    Great video as always, and such an amazing garden. But being from the PNW, it kills me to see the English ivy in your polycultures!

  • trey menchaca 2 years ago

    Everyone should have the opportunity to build a Fort! I also have lots of fond fort memories.

  • Ron McKenzie 2 years ago

    have you tried growing wheat in you're gray water area ?

  • Gary M 2 years ago

    Love your videos….what a great family…thanks for sharing

  • Larry Newingham 2 years ago

    Sweet sweet sweet

  • Normal Guy 2 years ago

    When will you eat the pig?

  • Les Mack 2 years ago

    Gary might be setting a new trend with that shirt! Mmmm, prickly pear jelly sounds good. I've never heard of that before. What's the pig for? Is he a pet or is he for food? What you really need is a little donkey or mule. I love my mini-mule (

  • Pete G 2 years ago

    It's amazing to see you guys planting prickly pear on purpose! It's regarded as an invasive weed here in Aus! Really interesting story about how quickly it spread.

  • BuckGreywolfe 2 years ago

    Suggestion: use the word AUTUMN instead of FALL in your video title: I thought it said FAIL and wondered what went wrong!
    Great homestead. Keep it up.

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