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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Awesome Landscaping with Rocks and Gravel Do you want to create a landscape with rocks and Gravel? To make this, you not only have to add some texture to the garden, but you can save your costs. Advantages of using stone and gravel is that you do not have to be costly in material, because the moment you want to start making your own may find a wide variety of stone in your land them. Overall, landscaping with rocks and gravel that already exist in your garden is the right way dang cheap to spruce up your garden and give the feel modern. The color and texture of the rocks are beautiful and contrast, can enhance the look of your garden. So why do not you try it yourself immediately. If you are creative, there are so many things you can get when you want to create a landscape with rocks and gravel. Remember, this will save money from your budget, and you will be satisfied, knowing that you have really achieved something that seemed very professional results from your own creativity. For details about landscaping with rocks and gravel and ideas lanscaping please see this video. Credit : Music : Intro : Video Rating: / 5


  • Wild About Philly 2 weeks ago

    AWESOME VIDEO!!! I enjoyed it very much!! Going to save it immediately!!
    Love your concept! Please keep up the Great work! Looking forward to
    your next one!!!

  • Dina N 2 weeks ago

    These are all beautiful but all can think of is the amount of weed control involved in maintaining any of these beautiful landscapes

  • Bay Born Balkan Baby 2 weeks ago

    4:51 thats mine

  • Forever 17 2 weeks ago


  • jimmshorts 2 weeks ago

    geee zuus that was an abrupt end! I got startled after getting absorbed into such beautiful spaces.

  • Charlie B. 2 weeks ago

    Anyone know the border type at 0:57 ? Poured concrete?

  • Patricia Helton 2 weeks ago

    How was the landscape created with the blue very beautiful

  • zaki zaki 2 weeks ago

    Vraiment calme et reposant merci beaucoups

  • Clem Alford 2 weeks ago

    Who did the music?

  • Jagat Baghel 2 weeks ago

    Nice garden

  • G. A. L. Ang 2 weeks ago

    It is unique, really nice. I love the music!!

  • LoveMeSomeChar 2 weeks ago

    Love the music lol

  • Gardening Perfection 2 weeks ago

    I agree!!! Was mesmerized!! Thank You!! 🙂

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