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  • Desert Garden Prepper 5 years ago

    Wow, thanks for taking time to watch and giving a big boost in traffic on
    my new adventure.

  • wranglerstar 5 years ago

    This video was very very good. I also have been made aware of the spiritual
    lesson in this sort of gardening. I believe it was from God.

  • NOJ LEFPAZLOH 5 years ago

    Masanobu Fukuoka

  • Gardening With Puppies 5 years ago

    This video really blessed me. I’m encouraged by your faith & courage. I
    started my Back to Eden Garden in Florida over a year ago. It improved the
    soil incredibly and I had success with my vegetables. I just started a new
    one in the mountains of Georgia but it will be awhile before I will be able
    to reap a harvest. When the chips there finally break down, I expect
    equally as good results as I had in my garden in Florida. Thanks for
    sharing and God bless.

  • Desert Garden Prepper 5 years ago


  • jethrob34 5 years ago

    Great job really enjoyed your video. The dog made me laugh I guess I’m not
    the only person that has a dog that loves fresh worked ground. God bless
    and may you continue the good work.

  • Inga4020 5 years ago

    I enjoyed watching this DGP. Your fruit trees look very healthy and I know
    that you will have much success with your gardens now. I lived in the Las
    Vegas area for 10yrs and this method worked well for me. I started doing
    this in small areas the last 2yrs I was there and noticed healthier plants
    within a month or two. I actually had to be careful because I was so use to
    my old watering routine that I nearly drowned a couple of the plants. I
    loved the winter desert garden the best

  • bigpj95 5 years ago

    Great video…..

  • Fred Garvin 5 years ago

    Hey, green desert guy – well done! We just finished laying down our BTE
    garden cover this week. After 3 (free) loads of green chips from a very
    gracious tree service, my back yard is completely covered. It went pretty
    quick, as my neighbors helped with the pitchforking, shoveling,
    wheel-barrowing and raking – not bad for a bunch of 50- and 60-somethings!
    I’m in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, so I’m looking forward to the rain
    this fall/winter/spring and what it’ll do for the cover.

  • Desert Garden Prepper 5 years ago

    way to go man! hard to believe? that wood chips get thrown away. they are
    solid gold to guys like us.

  • wranglerstar 5 years ago

    I’m not offended. Thank you for your courage and faith.