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  • allon33 1 week ago

    One of Jake's Heros.

  • Mr. Tombo 1 week ago

    I like your gardening videos, good ideas. I live in a small, two bedroom apartment, but it's ranch buildings, not multi-story. Each of us has a small (tiny) front lawn, but a fenced patio also with planting areas around that. I have a corner unit, so I've got extra planting space at the one end I'm expanding this year.

    Anyway, seeing stuff like you do in your back yard and such, from composting, what plants to plant, MULCHING and how to do that so it doesn't stink, etc., has be really relaxing brain food for me to mull over with my limited space.

    You, and people like the following, really help me out with hands-on information:

  • Rudy De Leon 1 week ago

    Was I the only one that felt there was tension between the two?

  • 520BassAssassin 1 week ago

    cool video

  • Crystal Pope 1 week ago

    Really nice place.

  • Laura Bunyard 1 week ago

    This is your second video I have heard Curved Beak Thrashers.

  • YenTheOne 1 week ago

    i would love to see, a new updated video tour of your own garden soon :p

  • Evelyn Mortimore 1 week ago

    I hope Shamus (and you Jake) realises that Oleanders are deadly poisonous, I wouldn't have one in my garden, especially if I had children or pets?? We had a man here is Australia who pulled off a branch and used it as a fork to BBQ some meat and upon eating the meat he got extremely ill and died.

  • Ravi Lamechane 1 week ago

    How do you get all the seeds for all the fruit plants and vegetable plant.

  • archmagemiguel 1 week ago

    Great video guys.

  • datVKru 1 week ago

    Did anyone else notice the girl video taping is the same girl from the other video! I noticed the same ring on her left index finger when Jacob Rydberg aka "Jake Mace" is giving her some food to try lol

  • Isn't irrigation water heavily salted due to evaporation over long distances? His project is clearly working, but I'm curious about that

  • stephalicious00 1 week ago

    sweet property!

  • Jennifer Prescott 1 week ago

    Rainbow Eucliliptus..I canna spell it bot oh my how I want one..

  • The Swole Surfer 1 week ago

    I need a cool garden like that!

  • Dr. David Garver 1 week ago

    Thanks Jake for being a great inspiration in Bo Staff, Martial Arts, and Diet!!!!

  • Cookieman 1 week ago

    Thanks to both of you, for this informative video.

  • duck duck 1 week ago

    How much land do you have for your backyard Jack?

  • wildchook (Mary) 1 week ago

    Great fruit forest Shamus and what a dream garden. Thanks for the tour Jake, love it. Jake, get yourself another property and continue growing food.

  • Steve Margraf 1 week ago

    Amazing! So great seeing you guys push the limits and sharing what can be grown in the area. It’s a little cold for tropicals where I am 2 hours north of you but this is a huge inspiration. Keep up the awesome work!

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