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  • 1071alessandra 1 month ago

    It's stunning! Well done. I couldn't catch the name of the last clusters of plants you showed. The ones you said they have beautiful 4 colored flowers, that you want to grow at the same height of the deck wall and just need to be trimmed to keep happy. 15:20 video point.

  • A KIND 1 month ago

    And then she ignores the Christmas palm my fav

  • A KIND 1 month ago

    Sees her leg touch oleander Me: uh oh

  • Garden Friendly Guy 1 month ago

    Beautifully designed. Well done.

  • Roger Hammer 1 month ago

    What a joke. There were ZERO Florida native plants in that landscape design and it is not much more than an advertisement for the Home Depot Garden Center. Go find a landscape designer that specializes in Florida native plants that offer food for native birds and other wildlife. And keep the cat indoors so it's not killing native birds and lizards.

  • Parry Don 1 month ago

    Can you help ne with where I can purchase seeds?

  • Fruitloops 1 month ago

    Hi, I enjoyed your video! Do you service Ft Lauderdale?

  • Amiri Woodruff 1 month ago

    Your work is great! I would love to work with you all!

  • Crest4 Sensation 1 month ago

    Very pretty!

  • Tanya 1 month ago


  • beherenow 1 month ago

    Beautiful yard.
    Greetings from Jupiter.
    Love gardening here.

  • Veronica Nieto 1 month ago

    Este es uno de mis videos preferidos, que jardín tan bello, tantos detalles y rinconcitos con sus plantas hermosas, verdaderamente me encanta

  • My English Tropical Garden 1 month ago

    Really interesting video, Stay connected! Big Like

  • Sybil Francis 1 month ago

    LOve the babbling brook sound and look…I have two Morrocan style fountains in my Guatemalan tropical garden one huge wall with arch and painted tiles the other a star shaped traditional Spanish colonial tiled basin with 4 ft tourquoise bubbler fountain jar. I have shallow areas in my garden too and have used many of the same plants you have.Because my garden is smallish and mostly large center courtyard bricked I intensively planted tropical in diff heights in layers to our walls around our property…the walls are also covered with blooming tropical vines, bougainvillea, thunbnergia which attracts hummingbirds to feed all day. AN older cement fountain I moved to one of those beds and have planted ivy in the top bowls and geraniums in the bottom…my garden is intensely flower filled year round due to the climate.

  • Leona Leong 1 month ago

    U have a nice garden!

  • Nisha Patel 1 month ago

    Which area you live in Florida

  • Vivian Vazquez 1 month ago

    Hello. What plants would you recommend for an area that is very moist or pool water when it rains?

  • mickey p 1 month ago

    Any one whom loves flowers are very passionate lovers.

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