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  • MasterStryfe 1 month ago

    Waste of time. Learned nothing. Rambling.

  • tsimahei 1 month ago

    Looks like mulch, to me. Bananas are are the Hotel California of plants. Bugs check in and never check out. Banana stalks make great chicken roosts because mites, a problem in AZ, like to hide inthe cracks and come out at night to feed. They can't get out.

  • Steve Jaiden 1 month ago

    I got some dwarf cavendish I live in Tucson how much water do u recommend

  • Peter J. Hart 1 month ago

    As a fellow phœnician I can't believe how fast your bananas grow. I have been growing bananas here for over a decade and have never had any grow so fast!

  • Peter J. Hart 1 month ago

    Just get a tape measure! ha

  • Peter J. Hart 1 month ago

    "Banana for scale"

  • Roses Pearls 1 month ago

    Where did you buy the dwarf kind? Thanks

  • Rose M 1 month ago

    so cool ! I want to grow one, can they really take the heat we have ?

  • Anne Wendt 1 month ago

    Drop the stem off at the Lotus Market or any Indian market in the east valley and they will gladly buy it off of you as that is a hot commodity medicinally.

  • Fancy Man 1 month ago

    Oh wow great! I bet you get to bake a lot of nanner bread!

  • Practical Primate 1 month ago

    Ice cream consistently has a shorter fruiting cycle than dwarf namwah here. Agree namwah is prettier, but ice cream always beats it.

  • Michael Martinussen 1 month ago
    To use the words "GET RID OF" is insane… I't like throwing gold in the garbage can … Do like BetterYouBetterWorld V suggested in the comments here 🙂

  • Barbra's Garden 1 month ago

    Hey neighbor!

  • Edward Brown 1 month ago

    I compost mine. No getting rid of anything.

  • Dwight Mann 1 month ago

    Hello from Honduras never new that you can grow bananas in Arizona cool beautiful garden

  • Matthew Wisniewski 1 month ago

    It's Guava season over there, where are the guava video's? Need a long one and would love to see how big the trees are.

  • Juan Arcos 1 month ago

    Update on the guamuchil tree jay how big has it got? Has it fruited ?

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