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  • Rainster 3 weeks ago


  • [ Day Dream ] 3 weeks ago

    Is anyone else getting better aim just by watching these types of videos

  • fruiitycute 3 weeks ago


  • Shirogane 3 weeks ago

    damn that guy had a very good gaming chair…

  • Timur Purkin 3 weeks ago

    Aimster Btw I love your videos

  • Izku Midoryia 3 weeks ago

    Goverment: ladies and gentlemen we got em

  • Izku Midoryia 3 weeks ago

    Fun fact: cactus is now a tanqr

  • Infinite flames 3 weeks ago

    Cactus: searches for hackers
    Also cactus: literally being the hacker ( no offense, u not hacker, me big fan)

  • Gabrielagoat :D 3 weeks ago

    is it me or you sound like dream ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Chavas Adams 3 weeks ago

    cactus is like madara uchiha in the great ninja war like he cnN take 15/16 ppl at ONCE

  • Gabriel Jasek 3 weeks ago

    i have like 20 fps per every round ;-;

  • The Demon 3 weeks ago

    Every sec of your vid makes me realise how trash i am

  • Marquiux 3 weeks ago

    John Wick

  • Primal Fear 3 weeks ago

    If anything cactus is the real hacker

  • Radelmi mordan ortiz 3 weeks ago

    you re cheater

  • MikeYT 3 weeks ago

    Bruh cactus is more of a cheater than a cheater XD

  • Mrnope51 Da sucky gamer 3 weeks ago

    Imagine a hack that has wall hack aimbot inf health and anti ban hammer

  • belmi noudjoud 3 weeks ago


  • DanROS 3 weeks ago

    he kinda sounds like dream

  • Aidan Beatty 3 weeks ago

    Rainster should get fired, he was OBVIOUSLY just SOO good at the game

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