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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Learn the basic settings for landscape photography with top landscape photographer Nigel Forster. In this film Nigel Forster is out on location and takes you through the basic camera settings for landscape photography. In this series called ‘ Top Togs ‘ Mark Cleghorn and the PhotoTraining4U team have spent sometime with professional photographers in different areas of photography. Talking about there life in photography from business, photography, their style and with some inspirational practical shoots with tips and trick from the Top Tog You can find 1000’s of films like this all about photography at and thanks to Big Photo TV you can get a FREE year of thier Academy level of membership. Go to… then click the subscribe button on the Academy membership on the left hand side. Finally on the checkout screen apply code BPTVFREE and this will change the price to a free year with no payment details required. Any problems contact Creative Photography Wales Learn practical and creative skills from a real expert whatever your level of experience. A range of personalised courses for individuals or two people booking together. One to One Photography Courses in the Brecon Beacons, Pembrokeshire or your favourite location in Wales & the west of England. Photography Workshops for small groups in Wales on Weekends throughout the Year. Learn new skills, share your experience with others and get to some great landscapes in Wales.


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  • john mullane 1 year ago

    no need for us to overcomplicate things you did a great job all on your own doing just that.

  • Syukri Erwin 1 year ago

    check my video about 2 minutes develop photo landscape in adobe lightroom 5, Thanks 🙂
    God Bless You All 🙂

  • makemarker 1 year ago

    I thought it was Gordon Ramsay at the start haha. Great tutorial, thanks for doing this vid.

  • AhWeii 1 year ago

    uhmm uhmm uhmm

  • さえきなつこ 1 year ago


  • hirantha gunathilaka 1 year ago

    very good this pragramm

  • Eef Velthorst 1 year ago

    Dear Nigel,I'm struggling buying a landscape lens. The objective (Nikon 16-35mm F/4) you use, in your very good reviews, are according to other reviewers, lack of sharpening by manual focussing by mis-communication between focus ring and inner focus unit.

    The lens is primarily targeting the
    professional market and thus the build quality is accordingly high. The outer
    barrel is made of a magnesium alloy and there are seals for dust and moisture
    protection. Both the zoom and focus ring work smoothly and are well damped, but at least
    on our review unit the focus ring showed a little play: not in the focus ring
    itself, but in the coupling with the actual focus unit. When changing the focus
    direction, it takes a few millimeters of movement until the focus unit actually
    follows the focus ring. This can be annoying when trying to nail critical
    focus, for example in Live View.
    Do you have the same experience? The same counts for the ""newly"" prime lenses 20, 24, 28, 35 mm F/1.8G ED. So for me as starting (hobby) landscape photographer difficult to decide which objective to buy.Please, respond.Thanks in advanceKindly regards,E. Velthorstthe NetherlandsP.S,Again: I have read your reviews with great interest.

  • Big Photo TV 1 year ago

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  • Creative Lines Productions 1 year ago

    Erm, erm, erm, erm, as soon as I noticed just how often you said that I had to turn this video off.

  • Hallvard U. Smestad 1 year ago

    Thank you, very useful! I am gonna be a hell of a photagrafer! I don`t need to see the final result. I saw it! You gotta leave something to you imagination.

  • s3icc0 1 year ago

    one more note … you shoot raw and then you say how important is white balance for you … you trust your camera … normal people trust the way raw works so they can change white balance anytime later in post. ..

  • s3icc0 1 year ago

    is it something funny about canon using different names for the functions? I am canon user so it might sound funny to me what nikon uses … but it is not because i dont care about the names bt about what it does

  • Rob Woolf 1 year ago

    And take the Neck strap off if it's windy and the exposures are of any length.

  • NickHey 1 year ago

    What music is at the start of this clip?

  • Kamilla Iqbal 1 year ago

    sunsets are great

  • Henry Brandon 1 year ago

    Great, informative. And I can also recommend this online course if anyone interested:

  • Vrakpundare 1 year ago

    1. Put the lens hood on. 2. Remove the strap when it's windy. 3. Use aparture mode, take a picture, check the histogram, compensate, take a final picture, post process. Job done.

  • Rodolfo Quiroga 1 year ago

    Of the trhe photosyou have taken do you combine them or leave separated.??

  • Luke Florio 1 year ago

    Thanks Nigel. A very articulate, useful and balanced approach.

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