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  • Ale Angels 7 months ago

    Omg I want one so bad, I need to go back to Arizona

  • Supercod Player 7 months ago

    2:25 paper cup holder cactus?

  • Celeste G-G 7 months ago

    Maybe you can find a way to keep the shadows out of your videos -maybe film at a different time of day?

  • Jessica Villarreal 7 months ago

    wow i might be going there on my vacation ….

  • Baby Phia 7 months ago

    Awww I'm crazy about cactus

  • Ghoskull War 7 months ago

    Oh me oh my!!!!!

  • SolarReturn 7 months ago

    Steve, I'm disappointed in you. I thought for sure you would kiss at least one of them cactuses! 🙂

  • MetaMetaphysician 7 months ago

    4:32 agave victoria

  • Vincent Öland 7 months ago

    Do you remember how much the big golden barrels ran?

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