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  • Skye Hoover 8 months ago

    so cute!

  • Voeris 8 months ago

    Just looking at it feels like a mini-escape to the beach. Awesome.

  • Kayley Reddy 8 months ago

    thx for the tips fort fairy gardan

  • Barkaka plantantona 8 months ago

    Thanks for showing how to make a water fall

  • Linda Powell 8 months ago

    I loved every second of the video…… until you used the sea figurines it just seemed unnatural. Way prettier without them.

  • sangfroidwaters 8 months ago

    Seriously you're blowing my mind you're freaking amazing

  • Kia Thao 8 months ago


  • Maria Cida 8 months ago

    Lindos. Parabéns. Amei

  • AnneBelle Walker 8 months ago

    it looks so beautiful girl

  • Devansh Nayyar 8 months ago

    U r very fast I can't understand what are you doing

  • ERIN KLEIN 8 months ago

    i love ur videos

  • Aura María Rivera Olaya 8 months ago

    Buenos días podrías hacer un tutorial en español? Por favor? Me parece muy hermoso tu proyecto, pero casi no te entiendo las instrucciones Gracias y saludos desde Colombia

  • Fathima Sumaiya 8 months ago

    From where did u get that little pump?? And whats that exact name??

  • ramachandran parameswaran 8 months ago

    Beautiful I am learning so many new things from you. Thank you.

  • Jaqueline Tavares Santos 8 months ago

    Muito linda!!! Parabéns!!

  • moss green 8 months ago

    Thank you for all the tips of planting. You are such an awesome creative person i've watched most of your video you inspire me a lot.I love your yard it looks like a paradise to me very relaxing. I love your ideas you are one of my fav.bloggers.

  • Ayu Listiany 8 months ago

    You know what .. I love all your videos …other than you are really awesome in putting all those plants together i really love that you always manage to include a fountain in it. The sound of the water is amazingly relaxing …weldone 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Marli 8 months ago

    If you haven't done one already, a Harry Potter fairy garden would be really cool!

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