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  • BeeFriendlyApiary 1 year ago

    Just go into Mexico for dental issues..

  • Justin Brophy 1 year ago

    Thank you.

  • CrankyBubushka 1 year ago

    Grasshopper, can you walk through the cholla cactus???

  • CrankyBubushka 1 year ago

    I love the cactus. So pretty, but so "ouchy" 🙂

  • CrankyBubushka 1 year ago

    I think the yellow birds might be a finch??  We get those in springtime here. They are bright yellow. Then they turn brown and fly south 🙂 You live in such a beautiful place. Snow, ice, and cold up here. I don't know why Dentist is so expensive either. I had to get a filling and a crown once and had to use my credit card 🙁

  • Del-Rio Drifter 1 year ago

    Dental insurance is a rip off just like other types of Insurance you pay for, little or actual no converge and the deductibles are more expensive than the treatment a lot of times, until people express this by dropping it, they will continue to scam everyone. LoL we had a snow storm again today and again off work. Temps are about 19 F this morning.

  • haskellfilmz 1 year ago

    Beautiful view…..EXCEPT for the heavy Chemtrail / Geo-Engineering particulate dumps floating over and dispersing heavy metals into our lungs, our water and our food, beautiful!

  • Just Mike 1 year ago

    That seems really odd to have a road, then close it down when it connects to another road that is still up and running. Maybe check the court house records to see who owns the property on both sides.

  • Abstract Possibilities 1 year ago

    what an awesome day you had

  • Big Al's gutters and landscapes 1 year ago

    I only ask because I know you said you like wearing different masks in your son has a few too in a couple of your older videos and I just noticed you usually wear that one

  • Stephanie Pooch 1 year ago

    Everyone is having a dental problem this week. Your really close to the Mexican border take a ride and see a dentist. Lots of videos in it.

  • Big Al's gutters and landscapes 1 year ago

    Do you ever wear different masks hiking

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