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  • Simpleman770 7 years ago

    Did you even go to school?? talk about ignorant..

  • MARIO CARREON 7 years ago we? can offer you the best landscaping manteinace serveces for an affortrable monthly rate profecional and realiable service for all your landscaping needs

  • sellhouseforcashnyc 7 years ago

    the water fall is amazing its? always makes a big impression

  • chrisb7600 7 years ago

    any water feature in a garden is relaxing ,even moreso in dry enviroment ,but without some trees? you would get alot of evaporation,but great job guys

  • IrisMG 7 years ago

    I don’t have to do any such thing.?

  • activerunner76 7 years ago

    True water is hard to find in an open desert, but they are found in low spots of the desert. Do your research before you? make a comment.

  • activerunner76 7 years ago

    This is only ideal if you have? a backyard of this size, BUT there are a lot of homes in AZ that small backyards.

  • IrisMG 7 years ago

    “You’re”? “there”. Please leave me alone otherwise. Thanks

  • vanityrose12 7 years ago

    your wrong their is water in the? desert

  • IrisMG 7 years ago

    water + desert =? unnatural.