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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This video is a collection of beautiful landscape photos and ideas. For more beautiful landscape pictures, we invite you to visit our site at Credits: Music: “Again” – Secrets in Stereo Video Rating: / 5 Is there anything a photographer loves more than urban decay? I think not. We are moths and urban decay is our flame. It is the honey to our bees. Wait, no. That analogy doesn’t make sense. Bees make honey but we don’t make urban decay. Okay, okay I got it. Urban decay is the pollen to our bees. Yep, there it is. I’m no exception. I love shooting old run-down buildings and busted-up things rotting in the desert. And that’s why when I first laid eyes on the subject of this video, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I needed to come back. I needed to expose some film because this subject was just too damn good to ignore. So with my truck loaded up with my Shen-Hao TFC 617-A panoramic camera, a cooler full of Kodak Portra film, and plenty of warm clothing, I ventured out to my pre-scouted location to scratch an itch that had been bugging me for months. And what itch was that? The itch to photograph something rad. Well guess what, baby, I scratched that itch so good. So damn good. I’m sure I’ll get asked where exactly this location is, so I’ll just go ahead and address that now: Drive from Orange County to Las Vegas. You’ll see it on the way. But if you do visit this location, please be respectful. This site may look dilapidated and neglected, but it’s still someone else’s land. And for the love of God, don’t go paint some wannabe “street art” on anything out […]


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    very inspiring landscape pics

  • Sumanah Abubakari 10 months ago


  • Natural Ponds Lakes & Streams by Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts 10 months ago

    Very colorful! We employ lots of color with native plants in the natural waters we design.

  • Travelling with the teacher Pat 10 months ago

    precioos unos mas lindos que otros

  • Rosa Pisciotta 10 months ago

    una natura di colori biutiful

  • Meirivan SANTOS DE NOVAES 10 months ago

    Amo a natureza, linda .

  • rogizna1 10 months ago

    —- 1. 07 — 2 .15– 3. 15 — the best

  • sFay _ 10 months ago


  • Zareena Sultana 10 months ago


  • Peter Raju 10 months ago

    very very beautiful

  • francine wilson 10 months ago

    Would be nice to have a garden like some of these in this video!!~~Beautiful!!!

  • Wayne Corey 10 months ago

    great design – love the music who is this ?

  • MetalDog MetalDog 10 months ago

    You bring us on your journey so well. Love the image. I like your humour and I also love photographing the decaying world of man.

  • Accuracy By Volume 10 months ago

    If you like photographing this kind of stuff then I'm sure you've taken a trip through Amboy, ya?

  • peter572568 10 months ago

    Nick, we are dying for a new video!

  • My fav photography channel! I love your series with film cameras in deserts!

  • Jon Haverstick 10 months ago

    Another awesome video, Nick! Quick question… I use the DaYi 6×17 back on my Chamonix 4×5, and have always stuck with the 150mm lens. You mentioned both a 300 and a 210 with your Shen-Hao 6×17. Do you get full 6×17 coverage with those lenses? If so, is it because the Shen-Hao is purpose-built 6×17 (vs. a 6×17 back on a 4×5)? Thanks!

  • prjw73 10 months ago

    Thank you Nick for doing these videos. I like your photography style, your personality and your video style. I wind down watching these vids!

  • Macneal Crank 10 months ago

    Love the on location videos. But, my favorites are "Behind the Glass, With a Glass", when is your next one coming out? Keep up the awesome work.

  • Leffe49 10 months ago

    Beautiful! You are right, the blue early morning light was perfect. Love it!

  • Lukas Torquato 10 months ago

    Man, i have to say, no photographer has inspired me more than you in youtube, i dont know if it's the film process, or the pictures or your charisma, but plz dont stop. Best regards from Brazil.

  • Alan Stanway 10 months ago

    As a recent UK discoverer of your channel I just wanted to say that your presentations are just about the best when it comes to photography. Your style is laid back and easy, your knowledge is exceptional and the results speak for themselves. Now coming from a 65 year old guy who has been in professional photography since aged 18 I hope you and your subscribers understand just how big a compliment that is. Too many YouTubers THINK they know WAY more than they actually do. You on the other hand are the opposite. Great work.

  • Joel Masinsin 10 months ago

    Amazing, Nick. That last one is a great find.

  • Brent B 10 months ago

    Truly disappointed the title of this video isn't "Goddamn sail boat in a deteriorating shed in the middle of the desert"

  • John Smith 10 months ago

    Nice story telling vid, interesting methodology very good vid to watch for the ridiculous over equipped approach to a "nothing" image – thanks (I do not say that sarcastically). This is art creation in action. It's a completely stimulating photo art investigation, like you just don't see here on Youtube. I need to pay a little more attention to Carver here, this is art junkie crack.

    Some thoughts in the area of criticism:
    1.The scene is not (obviously) aesthetic in the sense of beauty, it is seriously uninteresting & weird, therefore inviting the eye and potentially conveying the odd side of mystery. That is until I see the sign and realize it is a Port of LA impound lot ie nothing weird here, just a cheap parking spot for a very low end small yacht (not a wood Hinckley or other classic design that would have lovely form).
    2. The landscape here is not demanding of the large format inquiry, it does not contain line, colors, forms, or tones for which large format is the necessary communicative media. A record created with a high megapixel standard digital camera would suffice to put across the message that is contained here – confusion, irony, visual complexity, human nature at a loss, weird LA.
    2. For this sort of investigation the shooter has of course light, but light is not so important without forms, color, or line of great interest. So it's not going to be about the about the light unless some fantastic overwhelming glow falls (Photoshopped comet) here, and it did not. It is therefore all about the precise box the shooter puts around the scene ie what composition can be invented to take this from helter-skelter to visual hypnosis. (Carver know this, this is the lure.) Here a problem jumps off the image: on the right the tree that laps the edge is superfluous while nearby (open space just left) is a perfect compositional edge – the lone palm to it's left is an essential element of both form, and weirdness and begs to be used. The former should have been cropped out to maximize the visual power of the latter. As it was not, this stands as a failed (near miss if your feelings hurt easily) composition. I'd kinda like to be nice and say "for me it fails" but the fact is, it just fails.
    3. The failure is fascinating, the whole approach and process like tiger hunting, you go prepared but shit happens; when the tiger jumps you it's really up to fate. Here fate was the 6×17 format and decision (wonderfully explained as a story line) to not cross that invitingly open fence. My determination of the lot as an impound, rather than private property, would have led me inside, to get rid of that right hand tree. But I'm a trespasser by nature.

    Conclusions: Bravo to the man taking it to the limit with old school technique + modern apps and planning! Devotion to duty at it's finest.
    It's a modern snapshot style scene, the genre relies and communicates most what happens at the edges, or at least we would say that the subject is not the tone range, forms, color and line as is the case with large format landscape. The over production, the truck, camping out, thousands in equipment etc is absolutely wonderful because we get enough personal story out of Carver to come to understand what is up here: hunting hardcore art photography is patently illogical! The thinking, "… nothing is more frustrating than having an incredible subject and not having a composition" is telling; because the composition IS the subject (or would have been). The objects are not the subject, the totality of the confused junked-out composition offered the subject, IF it was framed just so. It's a tiger laying camouflaged in the low bush, tempting and difficult to lure and shoot. The hunter deserves great praise for the hunt. You winged him, better luck next time. I plan to watch, this took me back 40 years, to BFA program and critical analysis conversations.

    PS the "cluttered light" shot was the shot to keep. You want to multiply the clutter, not fight it. You don't need to know it's a boat, it can be a surprise.

  • Maxwell Wellmax 10 months ago

    Desert Camo !!! LMAO Awsome!.

  • Phil Hetrick 10 months ago

    Aren't you a cleaver Carver!

  • Ryan Cee 10 months ago

    Hi nick!
    I love these videos you do, as a photographer myself I find it hard watching most photographers work on YouTube as I just see errors, or things I would just do really differently yet your work is so different from what I shoot that I get the change to just enjoy your process

  • Yuri Vedenin 10 months ago

    Как называется съёмка запущенных зданий? Или это такая странная эстетика?

  • DerunglaublicheDizze 10 months ago

    Fucking love this Chanel
    ! Hope you can find more time in the future

  • Great job Nick ….worth the wait. Amazing composition for both shots.

  • Jarkko Karhunen 10 months ago

    You make the most enjoyable photography youtube videos mate! No clickbate/controversy videos like some of 'em.. Keep up the good work

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