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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The nature of the cacti of Chile. A collection of some of the best moments we spend in Chile. The music is (royalty free music) performed by Dano (Songs) and… Get Beacon-Find My Droid: Lightweight & reliable: This video describes the installation of Cacti in Ubuntu which is a Debian distributio… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • momovomo 7 years ago

    cool thanks! hopefully i can go to chile one? day!:)

  • DRCEVNL 7 years ago

    Thanks, nice to herar you liked the vid. No ideas about a book, i am not an expert on these plants. As a kind of rule we? never take seeds or other material. We like to leave it as it is. So that makes life easy, we never have to think about taken something with us.

  • DRCEVNL 7 years ago

    It is all along the coast of Chili from Pichidangui north to Paposa. Most of the plants next to the? beach. For some others you have to walk a quebrada

  • Springsinger1 7 years ago

    Impressive and awe inspiring. Are you? going to publish a book and species list? Did you gather seeds? Thanks for the video!

  • momovomo 7 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL! i am really jealous.? where exactly is this?

  • Marc Osterland 7 years ago

    Great Tutorial! Thanks for sharing!?

  • Rafiq Sutar 7 years ago

    Hi? Ziyan Junaideen,
    i want complete ftp rules aslo and acess de… and user site login and password

  • bambang hendrik 7 years ago

    SNMP Error again?

  • Hans Solo 7 years ago

    what if i? have accidentally selected apache instead of apache2

  • Fatticus2011 7 years ago

    Did? he post his office internal ip on youtube?!

  • Roshanthika Warnakulasuriya 7 years ago

    Thanks… saved me lot of? research actually 🙂

  • Ziyan Junaideen 7 years ago

    How far did you? go, did you install the device and it shows in the list? What is the device you are trying to monitor?

  • Ziyan Junaideen 7 years ago

    This depends on your requirement, if you are just monitoring bandwidth usage, then you can forget about the end stations and just concentrate on the switch. I guess most switches support SNMP v1 used in this example. But if your interest? is in montitoring server performance, I guess you would need to install and configure SNMP on the Linux Box.

    To answer your second question, is it saying ‘SNMP Error’ for Localhost?

  • zaxcer15 7 years ago

    1)Does every station connected to Switch has an SNMP agent installed to get info from it?
    2)How to start SNMP packets sending on Ubuntu with cacti installed ? (i was able to get graph from localhost but after reboot it says “SNMP Information:SNMP error” while it works on my “labs” second Ubuntu based system? (Backtrack) with snmp installed seperately.

    Thank You for Tutorial!