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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Certified Municipal Arborist Steven Glimp discusses some drought tolerant landscape ideas for planting in spring. His top five include drought tolerant plants and drought tolerant trees that will add color and interest to your landscape and are perfect for the desert climate of the Southwest. Drought tolerant and heat resistant plants and trees shown include: Foothill Palo Verde – Parkinsonia Microphylla Mexican Redbud – Cercis Canadensis Mexicana Hybrid Bird of Paradise – Caesalpinia Sierra Sun Silver Texas Mountain Laurel – Silver Peso – Sophora Secundiflora Desert Olive – Forestieria Pubescens Subscribe to our podcast: city of Las Vegas website city of Las Vegas Facebook city of Las Vegas Twitter city of Las Vegas on Tumblr city of Las Vegas on Instagram Music “Ukulele” by Bensound Video Rating: / 5

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