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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I understand that most people would be skeptical upon reading 829K as the amount of cacti this farm produces per hour, so here is the map download just for y… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Starlito- Money Cacti. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • CoDK1NGz101 7 years ago


  • Stijn Van Der Meer 7 years ago

    Oow haha?

  • Stijn Van Der Meer 7 years ago

    Dowload link ??

  • ackpacket 7 years ago

    The math is fine.

    You are the one forgetting he filled up the inventory in 10 seconds,? not a minute. So you have to multiply your number (138,240) by 6 to get the correct number, which is his number.

  • masterwrecks 7 years ago

    I? think I’m going to build this on a hardcore pvp server. Thanks for the great idea

  • Austin Collins 7 years ago

    i think you did ur math wrong.
    you multiplied the minute=~13,000 times the full inventory. then multiplied? that by 60 to give you your wrong answer. you multiply 2,304 by 60 which will give you 138,240. which is a lot less than what you say you get in one hour. please comment back saying if my thinking is correct or not. cause im only in the 8th grade so it might be wrong. please comment back

  • Jioge 7 years ago

    When the cacti breaks off, it falls in the water stream and gets taken to the middle. In other cacti farms where the? cacti is stacked with no water streams in between layers, the cacti breaking off has a good chance of being destroyed by the cacti blocks below it.

  • Paul Benn 7 years ago

    hey man I love the cactus farm, mine makes about 80000 per hour so it’s only ten times worse than yours not 15 😉 I could make it bigger but I have a shit pc and already it runs at 6 fps 🙁 someday maybe I’ll? post my own farm on youtube 😀 just one question: why does the 4×4 cactus cell ensure no cactus loss?

  • Namoonga Chilomo 7 years ago

    Guys give him All? the credit he needs and subscribe because

  • Get Down Gaming 7 years ago

    Holy. ? Shit

  • Jioge 7 years ago

    Why do you need Minecraft? If you play out? of necessity, you’ve got problems.

  • andrew oppedahl 7 years ago

    but.. why do? u need cacti?

  • Speelbattlecraft 7 years ago


  • Speelbattlecraft 7 years ago


  • daniel penton 7 years ago

    Nice? math and commentary

  • Daryl wijaya 7 years ago

    What the fuck. The fuck did i doing? with the cactus

  • rong ka 7 years ago

    Use world edit and copy the farm and paste it once beside the farm so? it is 1658000 items per hour!! or 1 MILLOON items per hour!

  • Pre Pro Gamer 7 years ago

    Fucking shit? mate

  • zach nalepa 7 years ago


  • Alexoneill77777 7 years ago

    Nice my cacti farm? only produces 1020 cacti per hour

  • Destame Z 7 years ago


  • Bryan Palmer 7 years ago

    can you write the preset down? please.

  • Jioge 7 years ago

    I think it would be? 6.632 million emc per hour.

  • 1gigatitan 7 years ago

    @Flo5440 that’s a? lot of emc!

  • Bloonstwrmaster 7 years ago

    800k? it almost 1 MILLON!!!

  • marleymazerati 7 years ago

    Real nigga?