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  • jonchiodo1 7 years ago

    Make compost tea?

  • sfgiants22us 7 years ago

    Hi John,

    Great? Channel. Just made my run to Le Ballisters today. I know you recommend 1lb of Azomite per sq foot. What is your recommendation for the Kelp Meal? Thanks

  • tigerone1970 7 years ago

    Has anyone yet tried to combine? compost, rock dust and biochar?

  • alan30189 7 years ago

    Check? on for suppliers if you haven’t found one by now.

  • alan30189 7 years ago

    I read a good book recently called the Four-Season Harvest, by Eliot Coleman. He recommends only digging in compost in the top two inches of soil. He does not dig it in deeply, maintaining the soil structure. I am going to adopt this practice instead of tilling six inches deep in the spring. The only time to till deep is when you are starting a new garden, but? do it only once. Eliot explains further in the book. Good luck!

  • 6996katmom 7 years ago

    I love your informational videos. I do have a question. One of the professors on one of the videos said to never dig the soil, just keep hilling on compost, grass clippings and any kind of organic material. I always dig these into my raised beds. ? Which is better-to dig or not to dig?

  • Jeremy Wheeler 7 years ago

    Did you ever find anywhere in Arkansas that you could purchase this? I live in Little Rock and? haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I know you can buy it online but it costs around $35 just to ship it. That’s double the price of the product! Just curious if you found it around here anywhere.

  • ohjtbehaaave 7 years ago

    Worm Poop FTW!!!?

  • WhoaDammit1967 7 years ago

    i got a wormfarm and my wigglies give me plenty of? worm castings :O)

  • ThreeEyedTeddyBear 7 years ago

    As a vermicomposter aka worm poop farmer I couldn’t agree more and? if I’m ever in CA I’ll make sure you get a free sample

  • DubandDebs 7 years ago

    John…what’s up buddy? Man, you were really layin out the info there…non-stop! Been drinkin a little soda?? LOL!

    Seriously, a great video,? and we’re lookin forward to checkin out more of your channel! Take care, and God Bless!

  • tigerone1970 7 years ago

    You can use unfinished? compost for your worm bin. All you need to do is take the compost and add a layer of worm castings – which contain enough worms and worm eggs.

  • Teddybearcop48 7 years ago

    Were could I find Azomite in? my area jonesboro arkansas thank you ? Any national chain stores that sales this?

  • curandero2012 7 years ago

    Try to get Sea-Crop!!! Very good stuff,? even the Amish are using it

  • curandero2012 7 years ago

    If you can’t produce enough compost,? why not using compost tea???

  • growingyourgreens 7 years ago

    1. Learned by doing. 2. Research and? Reading.

  • TheCaosClan 7 years ago

    Bro, you know a lot about gardering. Where did you pick up all this knowledge? ?

  • bluefire1981 7 years ago

    all you need is 3 things: blood meal (nitrogen), bone meal (phosphoras) and azomite/kelp meal (trace elements).
    for those of you that want to save money (free) use human urine/hair/feathers? (high nitrogen) and wood ash (phosphoras and potassium)

  • Carthago8404 7 years ago

    Dude, I got the organic growing bug last spring; it’s the greatest thing to watch and? see what you grow and know that it will nutritionally sustain you. Your show’s rock–keep them coming!

  • Carthago8404 7 years ago

    Dude, I got the organic growing bug last spring; it’s the greatest thing to watch and see? what you grow and know that it will nutritionally sustain you. Your shows rock keep them coming!

  • growingyourgreens 7 years ago

    Granular is the powder that has been steamed to make little granules,? so the application is easier, and should disolve in water. To test, put some in a cup and then add water to see it disolve into powder.

  • jlhappytoes 7 years ago

    what isthe difference between azomite granules? and azomite powder. i was expecting get powder. instead i got granules.

  • P. Doherty 7 years ago

    To much calcium locks out Mg. If anything, Ca? is ok against ph drop.

  • growingyourgreens 7 years ago

    Im not a fan. Osmocote is distributed by Scotts who also? distributes RoundUp. We need to get out of the mentality of “fertilizer” which provides nutrients for a short peroid of time and (then you need to purchase more) to SOIL FERTILITY where the soil continues to build fertility and build its own nutrition, with cover crops, compost, earthworms, etc. Add lots of compost and organic matter and animal manures.

  • jlhappytoes 7 years ago

    how about osmocote? what is your view? about it.