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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote We have gotten this question so many times: what shade tree should I plant? There are so many different options of shade trees to choose from, and each one has its own pros and cons. Today we want to share 3 different shade trees we are growing in our yard, and hope that it helps give you some ideas of what is appropriate for your gardening needs. When we first started gardening a few years ago, we planted mangos, bananas, avocados, and guavas in our blank-slate of a back yard, and wondered why they wouldn’t survive. We put up stakes and shade cloth to protect our baby fruit trees from the intense Arizona summer sun, but it wasn’t enough. After we started adding shade trees, we were able to watch our backyard transform into a an oasis! With the addition of shade trees, we now had microclimates that were able to protect our fruit trees from sun, wind, and even frost! We truly believe that natural shade is the way to go, and if we had to start all over again, we would start with shade trees. In this video, we show you the sissoo (or Indian rosewood), the Chinese elm, and the tipuana tipu. Each species does provide quick shade, but it’s important to know what you are planting before you actually put it in the ground. Sissoos are known for having invasive roots, and can even send up shoots from those roots, creating a crazy sissoo forest when you intended to have a food forest! We will sadly be taking this tree out in the fall, and will definitely be documenting that experience. However, there are some awesome shade trees that we can replace it with, and we are excited […]


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  • Ausar2000 1 year ago

    Humming bird at 11:15 in the background by the truck

  • El Jardin Perdido 1 year ago

    Very informative, thanks!

  • Tony Montana 1 year ago

    Hey Greedy, what part of Arizona do you live in? Tempe?

  • Jake Mace Phoenix Arizona Longevity Garden 1 year ago

    Greedy's Garden ROCKS!

  • East Mesa Urban Homestead 1 year ago

    Awesome video! I have a chines elm in my back yard that is over 30’, I actually have my chicken coop underneath it and it has an awesome canopy!

  • Jarrett Curley 1 year ago

    Did you source the tipu from shamus? Also any idea how it would hold up to the cold? Light snow? I’m in southern Utah

  • Martha Nelson 1 year ago

    My favorite shade tree is the Mulberry tree. If trimming is kept up, you can get some great shade. My grandparents had a Mulberry, it was massive, huge leaves and beautiful. Need to get the Male Mulberry, the female produces berries of course and can create a mess, including lots of critters and birds. Unless you’re okay with that. Of course, I seem to have been told the female is illegal in Arizona (don’t quote me on that). Thanks for sharing your shade tree ideas. My boyfriend is working on his yard and this will come in handy!!!!

  • Adam Halloran 1 year ago

    Hey Brandon I have that same shirt. I guess great minds think alike :). What are your thoughts on a mimosa tree? Talk about pretty flowers.

  • Lily Hau 1 year ago

    I think u should prune your dragon fruits vine. Because it kept growing and growing, take forever to produce fruits. The energy will go to growing. Just a suggestion.

  • Nick Kaz 1 year ago

    The moment I saw the title of the video, I knew you two were going to be talking about your tipu trees – well done! The garden looks great!

  • Kent Horne 1 year ago

    Howdy thanks for the info. You and your wife a good people. Greenie is good too:) I heard a tree expert say that if you cut down a sissii tree the roots will send up trees all over the yard.

  • househasfruits 1 year ago

    Owe ya and my favorites on shade trees are ice cream bean trees, also a nitrogen fixer. And white mulberry, although it does lose it's leaves in the winter though, but it works cause winters are not to hot in San Diego.

  • househasfruits 1 year ago

    You guys are such an amazing couple. I dream of finding a connection like you two have. Bless up. Food forest is coming along great.

  • Garry Cole 1 year ago

    We have a couple of Chinese Elms and we get small seedlings & saplings everywhere. Our neighbors has the sissoo trees and yes, we have to constantly remove small saplings and seedlings too. Most Shade tree will do that and so it is called weeding, you need to do it to control what species you want.

  • Jean Conneely 1 year ago

    Great Video as always. Love you guys! 🙂 ♡♡

  • Daniel Fisch 1 year ago

    Love the retro 70's porn mustache.

  • Joseph Lynn 1 year ago

    That mustache is next level.

  • There’s a harry caterpillar on your lip!

  • Epic juicing and Healthy living 1 year ago

    Did you buy the tree or started from seed?

  • Epic juicing and Healthy living 1 year ago


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