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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Growing potatoes in containers is simple and fun. Learn how in this video. A quick overview of how and when to plant, grow, and harvest potatoes in containers in the low desert of Arizona. Looking for more information about growing potatoes in containers? Read my blog post: How to Grow Potatoes in Containers


  • Kev Tom 1 month ago

    How many pounds of yield per bag ?

  • Marybeth G 1 month ago

    Thank you so much I’ve been in Arizona for 20+ years and I’m now starting to figure out what I can grow when I can grow it it’s amazing that we have two seasons so that’s good I wasn’t sure if I could start trying to grow them in the summer but apparently not but I will try this out in September thank you so much and I will continue watching your other videos

  • Salzanic Legend 1 month ago

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  • Michal Howling 1 month ago

    I'm in AZ, is it too late to start

  • Paula G 1 month ago

    Very well explained. Thank you!

  • Finally aware of you 1 month ago

    Thx, in the west valley of Az, dont have compost just coco coir and organic soil. But thx 4 ur info.

  • C3 P0 1 month ago

    Are you growing your potatoes in straight compost or are you adding gardening soil to the mix?

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