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  • Juan Torm 1 month ago

    It's nice and clever, but as you said, it won't work for everyone… down here in Central America, where it rains for 8 months, means your plants are gonna drown…also in the tropics, you might think that because everything is green and we got them tropical rainforests, soils are good… NOPE.. Top soil and humus is good.. if you start digging deep you get the awful rock hard clay soil… The sad part is that due to erosion and enviroment destruction, we got a lot of clay soil to work with… So down here sunken is not an option..

  • ClaudioArmonica 1 month ago

    I live in a not so warm and very high humidity area so I'll go for raised beds but if lived in a hot arid area I would go with this sunken beds no question. It's really important to understand we need to adapt to the soil and area we live in. Thanks.

  • New Yorker 1 month ago

    Funny! Your cadence reminds me of Aziz Ansari, like if he was a gardener

  • Robots N That 1 month ago

    It all depends on your local conditions. I have one sunken bed that I grow the veggies that suit that. I used the soil from that to partially fill my raised bed. The rest are just normal level beds. I mainly use the raised bed that are susceptible to bugs (easier to deal with then raised I find, especially if you need to pick them of individually) or need extra drainage. The rest go in the normal beds. Whatever suits you local conditions.

  • Shriya's Kutty Farm 1 month ago

    Good videoResult of hard work. Give your valuable comments to improve our channel thank you. Stay connected and stay blessed

  • pyr8at40 1 month ago

    THANKS for this post, it's money grab, simple as that……..screwing contracters……have you seen what they charge…..give me a break

  • Ras Kalév Valiante Elyon 1 month ago

    Give thanks your guys pairbond is strong

  • Jjjj Llll 1 month ago

    Thanks for the video. I live in a hot dry climate like you, 120f days regularly… I have raised beds on wheels because its so easy to make a shade frame along with the bed, and easy to have a clip on, clip off shade cloth to protect against sun and wind. So easy to create the right soil to fill it. I used straw bales to rot into a base of garden soil – cheap way to fill it. The primary point of raised beds is to avoid the digging, no? As you so rightly point out, if you have medical issues, and no brawny lads to hand… it's not that efficient!
    I think you mean raised beds set on the ground, but if they're even higher, it's much easier to create micro climates for them.

  • Christina Annabel 1 month ago

    The idea is fine, but the smugness of the delivery is a tad annoying. FYI, one more reason people created raised beds is when the property is built on ledge. In any case, happy gardening and best wishes!

  • Ricardo Salcido 1 month ago

    Very informative and Jessica is hot will sub for more

  • suzannelove 1 month ago

    Sunken beds cost same as raised beds if you have underground diggers… such as gophers

  • John Morgan 1 month ago

    A 'bunch' of soil ?

  • thirtythreeflavors 1 month ago

    Clearly went to the 'constantly use your hands for emphasis when you speak' school of public speaking.

  • malburian 1 month ago

    Why so many dislikes? Everything they said is true.

  • Rick B 1 month ago

    Interesting video but it felt like getting gardening tips from a rapper at times… Kind of awkward.

  • Chris Varaljai 1 month ago

    In a nutcase. Never heard that one before lol. Thanks for the info. Found it helpful.

  • Shady Man 1 month ago

    Sunken beds in Tn. Turn into small lakes, lol. Works for water Lilly, though!

  • Little Mountain Life 1 month ago

    Who knew?!!

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